The attribution of the goal to a footballer who represents the classic values ​​of Real Madrid, the incombustible Fede Valverde, an eternal fighter in any situation, sparked a bad game for Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu, against a team of Leipzig who took excessive punishment for their big image, with Marco Asensio signing the pardoning goal for Real Madrid after his desire to leave.

The danger of feeling superior before playing or looking away from a big match like the Madrid derby, provokes images like that of Real Madrid during an hour of their European duel. Displeased gesture from Carlo Ancelotti, desperate cries from Thibaut Courtois in the face of general passivity, the warning from the stands. A team lacking in creativity, protected by the courage in every action of Fede Valverde. The half-time draw was the best news. In the second part, it could only be improved.

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