More than 16,000 participants have covered 1,130 kilometers in 12 cities and recovered more than 36,000 kilos of waste from nature, since the birth of the Plogging community in Ibiza in 2018. The Do Sport for the Planet network, with the support of the Superior Council of Sport, of 12 municipalities and more than 200 entities, promotes the enhancement of natural spaces and the conservation of green spaces through sport. The 3rd National-Nederlanden Plogging Tour starts in Ibiza on October 9

The plogging It is the fashionable sport in many countries, it is characterized by being a collaborative activity and for all ages and all physical conditions, which has allowed it to spread to all continents in a few years among professionals. , beginners and uninitiated. regular in physical activity.

Plogging has a global impact by acting locally and can be practiced on land or in water, alone, with family, with a pet, friends or during Team Building sessions. Every day and every hour of the year is good for doing sport for the planet.

Since 2020, the Plogging community has been promoting the Nationale-Nederlanden Plogging Tour in cities such as Malaga, La Coruña, Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Valencia, Seville, Teruel and Mallorca, and on October 9 its third edition begins in Spain and made in the island of Ibiza with the sponsorship of the Tourism Strategy Agency of the Balearic Islands AETIB and three circuits, between 2 and 11 kilometers, which combine disciplines such as hiking, running, kayaking, diving, skating, trail running or cycling, with the care of the environment and the conservation of its biodiversity, through the collection of garbage that is on the way.

Playing sports for the planet not only helps to get back in shape, reconnect with nature and fight sedentary lifestyles, but also to promote the transition to more sustainable communities that promote, through sport and physical activity, conservation of everyone’s natural heritage. territory. Bloggers, a term by which these athletes are known around the world, are particularly aware of the importance of maintaining heart-healthy habits to improve people’s quality of life and to contribute to the conservation and restoration of spaces. where they practice sports and physical activities. outdoor activity.

Damián Quintero, María Torres, Borja Vives and Coralina Navarro are among the Olympic athletes who have joined this trend and helped promote the practice of plogging through the Plogging Tour events.

Advantages of PLOGGING

Caring for health and the environment: the abandonment of waste has become an environmental disaster of overwhelming dimensions that affects not only flora and fauna, but also human beings. It is important to add them to avoid the degradation or destruction of habitats and to ensure that they do not become a source of diffuse pollution, often invisible, but with unpredictable consequences on a large scale.

Promotes healthy habits: in terms of physical activity and the promotion of healthy lifestyles, we calculate on average between 288 and 300 calories in half an hour of practice of Plogging against 235 calories in half an hour during a regular jog.

Opportunity to improve and feel part of the change: the practice of plogging as a physical and sporting activity gives the opportunity to improve and feel part of the change.

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