Pope Francis issued an urgent appeal on Wednesday for an end to the carnage in Ukraine, asking rhetorically during a mass in Kazakhstan’s capital: “What else should happen, how many deaths should we expect? ?”

His appeal for peace in war-torn Ukraine came at the close of mass celebrated at the Expo 2017 Astana grounds in Nur-Sultan. Some 7,000 people representing the 125,000 Kazakh Catholics, or less than 1% of this vast country of 19 million inhabitants, 70% of whom are Muslims, attended the mass.

“I think of so many places martyred by war, especially in beloved Ukraine. Let’s not get used to war, let’s not resign ourselves to the inevitable,” he said.

“Let us help those who suffer and insist that peace be truly attempted. What remains to be done, how many deaths must we expect before rivalries give way to dialogue for the good of the peoples and of humanity ?” I lamented.

“The only way out is peace and the only way to get there is through dialogue,” he said, and asked the congregation to pray “that the world will learn to build peace, to reduce race to armaments and to turn the enormous costs of war into concrete”. help the people. »

He also expressed his concern over the resumption of attacks on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border: “Let us continue to pray that peaceful confrontation and harmony will reign in these territories as well,” he said. in reference to the long-standing dispute over the Armenian enclave. of Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan.

The Argentine pontiff attended the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions on Wednesday and in his speech at the rally, he asked religious leaders to “never justify violence… God never supports war.” EFE



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