Following the approval last week of the plan ‘Action of the Urban Agenda of Fuenlabrada 2030’ to the Municipal Council of Fuenlabrada, its mayor, Javier Ayala, announced that Paseo del Tren, the “ambitious” project to integrate the Railways, go for a jump “qualitative and quantitative” to urban planning in the municipality of Madrid over the next decade.

With Paseo del Tren, the initiative that includes different measures such as a pedestrian walkway to connect the financial center to the historic center of Fuenlabrada, the plan has a total of 22 lines of action and 70 urban development projects with which promote the mobility of citizenswith particular attention to sustainable and environmental criteria.

The counselor explained the three “fundamental milestones” with different deadlines and budgets on the agenda: the reform of La Serna station, which will house a new underpass and accessibility improvements; the remodeling of the Huerto del Cura park, currently underway with the action of Distrito Centro and the platform that will fly over the central station of Fuenlabrada.

In statements to EFE, Ayala defended that the Paseo del Tren will favor the coexistence between the railway and the city of the Community of Madrid with the “elimination of the wall that divides the city in two” and its transformation into a “more pleasant” space for the urban fabric.

Its execution, in the medium and long term, will require Funding estimated between “fifteen and twenty million euros” that the consistory will bring “to the next budgets” for the sustainable, accessible and modern adaptation of these spaces in the city itself.

“We have to learn to live with the railway, making it attractive to neighborsstressed the mayor before deploring the impossibility, both economically and technically, of burying the rails themselves.

From the consistory they have recently convened, in collaboration with the Official College of Architects of Madrid, a competition of ideas for execute the crossing of the Paseo del Trenin which the architecture studios can present, until November 14, their proposals to transform the future stage into a new icon of the city.

“We want the platform to be a milestone because we have been waiting for a long time to be able to connect the two sides of the city” Ayala said, who expects “a lot of participation” in the coming months in a competition that will reward the three most original and technically feasible designs.

Finally, the Mayor of Fuenlabrada spoke of the value that the railway has had for the development and growth of the municipality, whose population has grown from ten thousand inhabitants to almost two hundred thousand in the last fifty years, in because of its proximity to Madrid and the “good communication” by this means of transport

The projects included in the plan have had public opinion during the elaboration of the strategic lines for the next decade, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by the United Nations and will receive part of the European funding through the Next Generation.EFE fund



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