30% of the palm population suffering from respiratory allergies worsened with the volcanic eruption that occurred on the island, according to the first results of a study by the University Hospital of La Palma, which has scientific approval from the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology. (Saic).

Failing to complete the study with new samples twelve months after the eruption, the first data indicate that during the eruptive process, diagnoses due to bronchial symptoms tripled compared to previous years, and represented an increase of 30 % of the adult population who, after 6 months, has worsened their situation. This aggravation is due, according to the allergist of the hospital of La Palma Zulay Almeida, to “the remobilization of the ashes that occurs in the following months due to the wind, which affects the respiratory symptoms of the populations surrounding the volcano”.

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