iurny surprised everyone with its free plugin for WordPress: Whatsapp chat. They want to explain all the details of their new solution to you so that you can understand its features. From iurny eles expoem all news and highlights.

WhatsApp Chat enables SMEs to accelerate their digitization

A multinational technology company iurny has launched a free WordPress plugin so that all users can establish a direct, personal and immediate communication channel with their customers through one of the two most used applications in the world: or WhatsApp.

This service offers SMEs an asset to adapt to an increasingly digital and competitive market. Precisely, iurny is a brand aimed at small businesses of the indigitall group, with leading customers in its sector such as Televisa, Claro, Produbanco and Grupo Éxito.

A completely free plugin

The new communication channel is called WhatsApp Chat and allows the establishment of conversations via a button, visible on the web, directly connected to WhatsApp. In this way, the traffic generated on the web is promoted to get the maximum conversation and is more likely to be ignored.

This daytime service is totally free, also offering the advantage of sending web push notifications. These communications are automatic and personalized messages that are received at the inbox of two telemóveis to develop informative and promotional campaigns.

Customize or bat-papo do WhatsApp with your brand

The iurny plugin allows you to customize a message boas-vindas, in addition to selecting the WhatsApp logo and your horn. It also allows you to analyze your contacts’ SEO data by sending events directly to Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel or Tag Manager or by generating custom events. This is a very interesting option for those who want to optimize the lead conversion funil.

This plugin, in addition to being free, has the advantage of being fast and light. A iurny created this service to train SMEs and offer a digital tool that promotes or increases sales. Its use allows the creation of a fully personalized whatsapp bat-papo page managed by different agents, so it can support multiple phone numbers.


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