The Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid opened its doors today for sessions of Kazakh cinema which began with the European premiere of the film “Seaweed”directed by Yernar Nurgaliyev, a drama with which Kazakh cinema hopes to conquer theaters beyond its country.

Movie screenings will continue September 16 with the screening of the film “Scheme”by Kazakh director Farkhat Sharipov, another story that is also far from the canons set by the Kazakh film industry, accustomed to the production and creation of romantic comedies, mainly.

Before the premiere, the producer and screenwriter of “Alga” Maxim Akbarov announced Eph that the film will be the first in history to represent Kazakhstan at the 42nd edition of the Italian Film and Sports Festival golden paladinthe calls “oscars of sportwhich will take place in Palermo from 7 to 13 November.

Sport as salvation

With a budget close to 600,000 euros, the film tells the story of two brothers from a city in the country, played by actors Zhandos Aibassov and Yerbolat Alkozha, who are forced to commit criminal acts after the death of their father, until the day when, on the run after a robbery, a sports trainer crosses their lives to change their destiny.

This “moving drama” premiered in early April in Kazakhstan and, according to the producer, “got very good public opinionin “all the cities” of the Central Asian Republic in which it was screened.

The European opening took place in the presence of the director of “Outline”, Farkhat Sharipov, who said he was “very happy” to be able to present tomorrow a film devoted to teenagers from Kazakhstan although, according to him, it acts of an “international story” that could be located anywhere in the world.

“Schema”: A drama with very real experiences

Based on a novel of the same name written by Zara Yesenman, the drama tackles issues such as youth drug addiction, life on the streets, family and school, with which the director intends to “move and make viewers think. on these issues.

Among the anecdotes from the shoot, Sharipov described how testimonials from the “non-professional actors” in the cast forced him to rewrite the script to include their experiences and highlighted the “challenge” of directing the protagonists, newbies on the big screen. .

At the official premiere, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Spain, Konstantin Zigalovcelebrated the “approach” of Kazakh cinema to Spain as part of the thirtieth anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

“Culture opens the soul of the nation and brings continents together,” Zhigalov said during a speech in which he recalled that bilateral alliances in the seventh art have “intensified” in recent years.

An example of this is the participation, since 2016, of different Kazakh films in the Asian Film Festival that Barcelona organizes every year, which will celebrate its tenth edition from October 26 to November 6. EFE



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