The FIFA World Cup returned to Spain this Friday for one day, as part of the “Trophy Tour” organized by FIFA to bring the trophy closer to supporters of the 32 countries who will fight to win it in November at the FIFA World Cup. world in Qatar. , a day when the 2010 world champions, former Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque and former Spain goalkeeper Íker Casillas, acted as hosts and were able to enjoy the trophy again.

The captain of the Spanish team that performed miracles in South Africa, and lifted the precious cup to the skies of Johannesburg after playing in a final where his saves were just as decisive as Andrés Iniesta’s last goal against the Netherlands, was present at a midday act in which he recalled, next to the trophy, the moment he lifted it: “It was a dream I had since I was a child that s is achieved, I never want it to be forgotten.

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