The Football World Cup returned to Spain this Friday as part of the “Trophy Tour” organized by FIFA in collaboration with Coca-Cola, which aims to bring the trophy closer to supporters of the 32 countries that will participate in the World Cup in Qatar next November, this time making a stopover in Getafe.

During the stoppage of the cup in the city of Madrid, a series of football and entertainment events took place at the Giner de los Ríos sports center with the presence of two legends of Spanish football, vital to winning the World Cup in South Africa 2010: the coach of this Spanish team, Vicente del Bosque, and its captain, the exporter Íker Casillas.

At noon, a more formal act took place whose central theme was child poverty in Spain, and in which Casillas was accompanied by the High Commissioner against child poverty, Ernesto Gasco; the mayor of Getafe, Sara Hernández; and Juan Ignacio de Elizalde, CEO of Coca-Cola Iberia.

Among all, we can take steps to break this block of inequalities and that boys and girls can have a better future,” said Gasco, who described child poverty in Spain as a “structural problem, with numbers unworthy of our level of social development.”

Sara Hernández, for her part, spoke nostalgically to address the problem of child poverty: “We all remember the images in which Iker lifted that trophy and they encourage us to continue to promote grassroots sport, with noble goals like the fight against child poverty”.

In the afternoon, more than 200 children had the opportunity to participate in a football tournament under the watchful eye of Vicente del Bosque and the President of the Superior Sports Council, José Manuel Franco, also accompanied by the Deputy Mayor from Getafe, Herminio Vico, who previously discovered the World Cup in front of the youngest and youngest present on the spot.

Children are the best in sport, you and your families are the ones who represent the best of the sport. At your age, I was very happy to play ball, to play football, to ride a bicycle and I was happy to play handball. That’s why I want to tell you to be happy with what you’re doing, but don’t stop studying,” José Manuel Franco said.

Del Bosque also encouraged participants to play sports, because “it’s a very good way to be happier”, although he clarified that being a footballer “is not the only way to be good children”. ECE


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