The President of Navarre, María Chivite, who presented this Friday in Madrid the cultural program of the Pamplona Encounters 72-22, defined this forum as a “friendly shock” between the past and the future, the near and the global, the “high” and popular culture, to offer a space for reflection in the face of contemporary issues.

This initiative, presented in the Caixaforum space, has been promoted by the regional government and will take place between October 6 and 18 in the Navarrese capital, with a wide program of activities.

During her remarks, the president claimed the value of the word “meet”, especially in the current context: “We live in a world where agreement is in crisis. We have wrongly assumed that agreeing is a sign of weakness, but we have to meet again.”

Specifically, he considered that the appointment in Pamplona is an ideal space for this. As he explained, the October sessions will promote friendly confrontation and active listening between three dualities.

In the first of the dualities, two artistic generations separated by half a century will meet, a clash of points of view “in which the avant-garde of the 20th will have to report to the current, but where the youth will also have to answer for the use that is made of the inheritance,” he explained.

A second duality will oppose the international to the local. “The global tends to destroy the local. And yet what is near may be the answer to the consequences of globalization,” he said.

Finally, a third confrontation will have as protagonists the “high culture” and the “popular”. In this sense, the president pointed out that, if in 1972 they brought the modernity in Pamplonait is now a question of popularizing the Meetings and opening them up to the whole of society.

More than a hundred eminent thinkers and artists will take part in the initiative. Inspired by the 1972 Pamplona Encounters, it’s about youn multidisciplinary event which will offer a program made up of 27 dialogues, round tables and conferences, five creative workshops and 35 artistic activities such as contemporary music concerts, dance, stage performances, musicals, film screenings and exhibitions.

Among the participants stand out referents of thought, arts, cinema, literature and contemporary music such as the Nobel Prize for Literature Svetlana Aleksievich; thinkers such as Peter Sloterdijk, Massimo Cacciari, Pascal Bruckner, Adriana Cavarero, Donatella Di Cesare, Yuk Hui, Hartmut Rosa, David Rieff, Cynthia Fleury, László F. Földényi and Carolin Emcke; and writers and authors such as Ana Blandiana, László Krasznahorkai and Anne Waldman.

Also, filmmakers such as Sergei Loznitsa, Victor Kossakovsky, Pedro Costa, Paz Encina and José Luis Guerin will participate; and composers such as Salvatore Sciarrino, Hilda Paredes, Teresa Catalán and Tomás Marco, as well as artists such as Graciela Iturbide, Esther Ferrer, Eva Lootz, Eve Sussman and Frederic Amat. EFE


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