The old transhumance trade served this Friday, under the arches of the Segovia aqueduct, to demonstrate Einstein’s theory of unification, with the intervention of the artist Katy Daudy and the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics , Konstantin Novoselov, known for their work on graphene, accompanied by a herd of 400 sheep, separated into two groups, one with “yes” written on the back, and the other with “no”.

It is a proposal of the Hay Festival of Segovia, which will last this weekend, within the framework of the global art and science project of Daudy and Novoselov entitled “Everything is connected”, and which wanted to demonstrate, at least metaphorically, that they can people of different thoughts coexist in peace, which served as the motto of the seventeenth edition of the festival of letters and arts: “Tradition and innovation”.

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