As he concentrates on his ‘coaching spot’, unaware of the controversy that arose with Vinicius’ celebratory dances against Mallorca, Diego Simeone will surpass legend Luis Aragonés’ 407 league appearances this Sunday as coach of Atlético de Madrid in the derby. against Real Madrid, which he highlighted his “extraordinary team” and which he already opposes with Jan Oblak ready to return to competition after two games off.

“I think time is linked to results, to a great job by the club, always giving me the opportunity to have great footballers and above all and only to have committed players. And we have had very committed players all this time. I’m lucky as a coach to have been able to spend so many years with different players and different transitions that we’ve been through, some who left and others who arrived to continue to maintain the most complex and difficult thing in football: players dedicated to a cause. I’m lucky as a coach, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to be here for so many years, of course.” , he appreciated his decade at the head of Atlético.

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