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  • 06002000: Environment: Conservation
  • 06006003: Environment: Biodiversity: Forests
  • DFAAge-old trees in the Amazon ask for helpECEECEMother of GodMother of GodPeruAEM2022-09-19Paul Aguilar

  • conservation
  • forests
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  • CHRONIC SUPPORT: AMAZON CONSERVATION***AME8210. MADRE DE DIOS (PERÚ), 09/19/2022.- Environmental defender and founder of Arbio, Tatiana Espinosa, is seen next to a shihuahuaco about 1000 years old, on September 5, 2022 in Madre de Dios (Peru). ). Deep in the Peruvian Amazon lie the huge green crown and gigantic uprooted roots of an ancient shihuahuaco, but the trunk is missing. The scene is repeated frequently in a country where indiscriminate logging is causing the disappearance of this species, while experts demand the closure of the international market. EFE/Paolo Aguilar
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  • Paul Aguilar
  • conservation
  • forests
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