Buenos Aires, Sep 18 (EFE).- The Portuguese futsal team this Sunday won the first edition of the Futsal Finalissima after beating Spain 4-2 on penalties after drawing 1-1 in regulation time, in a match played at Mary Terán de Weiss Stadium in Buenos Aires.

Mellado in the 19th minute gave the Spaniards the lead but in the 28th minute it was Alfonso who put the last draw which forced the definition in the penalty shootout series where Bruno Coelho, André Coelho, Paty and Paço scored for the current world champion, while for Spain Sergio Lozano and Mellado converted and Chino and Raúl Campos missed shots.

Portugal’s players celebrate today’s victory over Spain in the Finalissima de Futsal final in Buenos Aires (Argentina). EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

In the match for third place, Paraguay won 2-3 against Argentina with goals from Richard Rejala (m.8), Damián Mareco (m.9) and Arnaldo Báez (m.25) for the guarani team, while Cristian Borruto (m.12) and Alan Brandi (m.27) scored for the locals, a duel that repeated the last Copa América final that consecrated the Albicelestes after their 1- 0.

The final between Portugal and Spain, which repeated the semi-final of the last European Championship disputed in the Netherlands, repeated the intensity of this duel with two rivals who know each other very well and who were to define the title from the penalty shootout.

The first few minutes involved a lot of studying and spinning the ball in an attempt to avoid one of their own mistakes rather than trying to convert into the opposition’s goal.

Jesús Herrero had his first two interventions at the start: first against Coelho in a spectacular intervention and then after a fine combination from the Portuguese team that ended with a shot from De Silva.

Portugal’s Jesús Alfonso (l) contests for the ball with Spain’s Antonio Pérez during the Futsal Finalissima final in Buenos Aires, Argentina today. EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

Spain fought

Spain were more intense and voracious and with Mellado on fire they had to force André Sousa to make an effort to avoid his grating drop and the clearest came in the 15th minute against a shot from Adolfo.

In the end Spain insisted on going into the break and such insistence was rewarded as in the 19th minute Antonio placed an accurate ball from the corner and Mellado fired in to make Vidal’s scoreboard work perfectly.

In the second half, Portugal came out with the need to equalize and not waste time, but Spain showed the best side of their iron defense, the one that had prevented Argentina from scoring a goal in half -final Thursday.

However, in the 28th minute, an error from Pol at the start was taken advantage of by Alfonso who beat Dídac with a perfect vaseline to level the score again.

In the last ten minutes there was a lot of fear of receiving a decisive goal and the two seemed to be in agreement on the intention to reach extra time. In those ten minutes there were two options but neither was clear and the Finalíssima was defined by a penalty shootout where Portugal was more accurate and won the title leaving Spain in second place on the podium in Buenos Aires.

Portugal’s players celebrate today’s victory over Spain in the Finalissima de Futsal final in Buenos Aires (Argentina). EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

Technical sheet

1 (4). Portugal: André Sousa, Mendonca, Matos, Coelho, Silva.

Coach: Jorge Braz.

1 (2). Spain: Jesus Herrero; Antonio Perez, Sergio Lozano and Mellado; Raúl Gomez.

Coach: Federico Vidal Montaldo.

Goals: 0-1, m.19: Notched. 1-1, m.28: Afonso.

Definition by shots on goal: For Portugal scored: Bruno Coelho, André Coelho, Paty and Paço. For Spain they converted: Sergio Lozano and Mellado while Chino and Raúl Campos missed their shots.

Referees: Uruguayan Rodríguez Bordon, Chilean Espindola Flores and Colombian García Sánchez. They reprimanded Zicky, Varela and Jorge Braz from Portugal; and Lozano, from Spain.

Incidents: last game of the Finalíssima, played at the Mary Terán de Weiss stadium in the city of Buenos Aires.

Edited by Maria Fernanda Rueda D.

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