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Berlin, September 19 (EFE).- Spain wins its fourth gold medal in a Eurobasket, beating France this Sunday by 88-76.

The Spanish team pull off a memorable feat with a building squad of seven rookies.

Here is the trajectory of the twelve players who participated in the Eurobasket:

Lorenzo Brown (Base, 32)

The big surprise of the competition. The express nationalization of the American base made the previous championship rare, with criticism from domestic players who failed to understand its appeal.

The Spanish coach, Sergio Scariolo, lacked game generator and the Georgian goalkeeper adapted wonderfully to his plateau.

Brown showed composure from the perimeter by burning the ball, putting up two performances in the round of 16 against Lithuania (28 points and 8 assists) and in the semi-final against Germany (29 points and 6 assists).

Off the court, he bonded with his teammates, being one more player in “pocha” matches.

Jaime Pradilla (power forward, 21)

Despite his youth and inexperience in the FIBA ​​Absolute Summer Tournaments, the Valencia Basket striker has been in the starting lineup in all four of the championship’s toss games.

In the group stage, he cut his teeth showing his good hand from the perimeter against Georgia and Montenegro. In concentration, he shared a room with Captain Rudy Fernández.

He has tastefully completed a master’s degree which will help him continue to grow for the future.

Rudy Fernández (Forward, 37 years old)

The Mallorcan player has become the link between the ‘golden generation’ and the youngsters who aspire to lead the future of the national team.

Off the track, the captain was a reference; in it remains decisive. And that he played less than 20 minutes per game, but was still decisive with his outside talent and defensive intensity.

Despite his age, he takes care of every detail to remain competitive. Proof of this is that in concentration he took a hyperbaric chamber to better recover after matches.

. One more example of the professionalism of this legend, who in Berlin equaled the eleven medals that Pau Gasol hung with the national team.

Xabi López-Arostegui (Forward, 25 years old)

The Valencia Basket striker has become a defensive wild card for Sergio Scariolo. Holder of the starting five, López-Arostegui was the third player most used by the Italian coach (22.5 minutes).

His mission: intensity behind and take advantage of shooting options from the perimeter. In his second concentration in a summer tournament with the national team, he snagged his first medal.

Jaime Fernández (Escort, 29 years old)

The Madrid base started with your tone in attack in the group stage. In the first match against Bulgaria, he scored 12 points and provided 2 assists.

As the championship progressed, he accepted the role of defensive player to wear down the opposing play managers.

His league debut with the national team ends with a metal.

In the final against France he shone with 13 points and fundamental defensive actions.

Darío Brizuela (Escort, 27 years old)

Scariolo sees him as a different player because of his ability to score and in this European Championship he has become the attacking microwave to change the dynamics of matches from the bench.

In the quarter-final against Finland, he gave his team some air with 14 points.

Before the round of 16 against Lithuania, this psychology student asked to change the date of an exam when it coincided with training. The university center granted him permission.

In Berlin, his first medal was hung, before the end of the year he will have to pass the pending exam.
.9. Alberto Diaz (base, 28)

Alberto Diaz (base, 28)

Taken back at the last minute by the injury of Sergi Llull, the Unicaja goalkeeper became one of the great defensive surprises of the championship at decisive moments.

In the key match of the stage against Turkey, he caused a late defeat by Shane Larkin and a fifth foul by Alperen Sengun.

With the game tied against Lithuania in the Round of 16, he forced an offensive foul on Domantas Sabonis and another unsportsmanlike one on Ignas Brazdeikis.

Already in the semifinals, he helped stop Dennis Schroeder in the fourth quarter.

In the final, he sealed the game with two hat-tricks in the final quarter.

Sebas Saiz (Pivot, 28 years old)

The highest paid player in the Japanese basketball league was able to take advantage of the few minutes he played (5 on average per game).

Saiz is the perfect definition of a team player.

The key: a gold medal for his first participation in a summer championship with the national team.

Willy Hernangómez (Pivot, 28 years old)

Without the Gasol brothers on the roster, the New Orleans Pelicans center naturally assumed the differential player stripes in the paint.

Willy responded to Sergio Scariolo’s confidence with points, being his team’s top scorer and rebounder. The Italian coach, moreover, also requested him in defense.

The Madrid player rose to the challenge brilliantly by becoming the best player in the competition.

Usman Garuba (Pivot, 20)

The team’s youngest player entered training out of form, hit by an ankle injury, and finished the championship on a clear upward trajectory, becoming a defensive mainstay for Scariolo in the paint.

In the semi-final against Germany, he established himself as a great assistant.

Moreover, Garuba showed great maturity and composure in decisive moments, despite his youth. A nerve that was also shown in public. “I sleep very well every day,” he joked before the semi-final.

The natural above all to hang his first medal.

Juancho Hernangómez (power forward, 26)

Less and more, he finished the Eurobasket in a great moment of form. In addition to becoming the team’s third top scorer, Juancho proved to be a very complete defensive player, in addition to standing out as a rebounder.

And in the final, he proved to be a “killer” from the perimeter with 27 points, with 7 triples scored in 9 attempts.

The ‘MVP’ of the final.

Joel Parra (Forward, 22 years old)

The locker room DJ chose the theme of Bizarrap and Quevedo ‘Quédate’ as the song of the selection.

On the pitch, he took on a defensive role which shone when Sergio Scariolo picked him to defend Finland star Lauri Markkanen.

He will return to Joventut Badalona with a gold medal.

The players of the Spanish basketball teams celebrate the gold medal won at Eurobasket
The players of the Spanish basketball team pose with the gold medal won at the Eurobasket in Berlin. SINGER EFE/EPA/FILIP

The Spanish basketball team closed the Eurobasket fairy tale in Berlin with an unforgettable gold medal.

Spain win their fourth gold medal in a Eurobasket and they may do so at an unexpected moment against a seasoned rival, but they embraced European glory at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

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