Madrid, Sep 19 (EFE).- Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, recent winner of the US Open and the youngest number one in the history of the men’s circuit, assured that after reaching the goals to which he aspired as a child, now “it’s his turn to continue dreaming” to “be among the best for as long as possible”.

“I dreamed of being number 1 in the world and winning a Grand Slam. It’s time to keep dreaming, to keep winning tournaments and to be among the best for as long as possible,” he said during a press conference for the car brand BMW, one of its sponsors.

Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz after yesterday's Davis Cup match
Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz, after beating Korean Soonwoo Kwon, during the Davis Cup match. EFE / Biel Alino

“Juan Carlos was very important to me, he’s been through everything I’m going through now. It’s easier for him to give me advice and at the same time it’s very important. We haven’t assimilated this yet. happened because from New York I went straight to the Davis Cup. I still haven’t stopped thinking about what I did and what needs to be improved in the future. Arriving is complicated, stay even longer,” he continues.

An Alcaraz who, interviewed by EFE, spoke of the best advice given to him to be able to manage the pressure and everything that surrounds him on a daily basis when he is at the top of tennis.

“It’s a path they told me a lot about. Always be humble, be with your people, don’t let the results and the moment go to your head; know where you come from. My team and the people around me said, so be it,” he replied.

“Now you are hesitant to do certain things that you used to do quite normally, but I get along with everything. But not everything. If I want to go for a walk I will go for a walk and if they ask me for pictures I like that, knowing that people support me reassures me, it makes me see that I am not playing alone”, he added. .

“It’s not a pressure that I put on myself thinking that I’m doing the ‘Big 3’ things -Nadal, Federer and Djokovic-. I just like playing tennis; results. Oftentimes, I bring smiles in tense moments or when things go wrong, and it’s just because I like being on the pitch. Why am I going to compare myself to them? It didn’t meaning, they’ve been around for 20 years and I’ve just started,” he said of comparisons to some of the best tennis players in history.

A “Big 3” that leaves room for new generations, led by Carlos Alcaraz, who answered who, according to him, will be able to participate, with him, in this ranking.

“Sinner, no doubt, and Zverev. With Sinner, there will be a very good rivalry and our matches are worth seeing. Don’t play them so much (laughs). We are going to play in big stadiums and big times. Plus, we’re off-road friends; As Rafa and Federer are friends abroad, I think we are going to have this rivalry.”

Moreover, the Murcian praised Switzerland’s Roger Federer, who recently announced his retirement.

“Roger is pure talent, class… for me, it’s elegance. He lasted so long because of the way he played and the way he moved. It doesn’t seem to be mandatory. He played 1,800 games and didn’t retire from any of them. At 19, I already retired from one last year (laughs). Roger Federer is a gift that has been brought to all sports fans. Hopefully I can last as long as he lasted and win what he won, or the quarter (laughs),” he said.

Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz after the Davis Cup match.
Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz after yesterday’s Davis Cup match. EFE/Kai Forsterling

“I always wanted to face him, it won’t be possible… but it’s better that way than leaving with a defeat,” he joked.
A match that could have taken place in the Laver Cup, and Alcaraz explained why he will not be part of this tournament: “It was thought out. We all discussed the answer, but for sporting reasons the competition was long and we had to rest. Playing the Laver, which is a great competition, would have been good, but we decided it was better to think about the future,” he said.

Tras ganar el Abierto de Estados Unidos y capitanear a España hasta los cuartos de final de la Copa Davis, Alcaraz ya piensa en volver a su casa en El Palmar (Murcia): “Tengo muchísimas ganas de llegar a casa y reencontrarme con mi familia en home. Eat with them, spend time with them… have fun with them. I want to see the people in my town who have watched me grow and who support me so much,” he commented.

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