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Madrid, September 19 (EFE) .- Driver Carlos Sainz, who is facing his second season at Ferrari, with which he is fulfilling “a dream”, admitted that winning with the Italian team is “the maximum you can aspire to” and said that with the “big step taken from last year until now”, we must consider the objective of fighting for the title in 2023.

Carlos Sainz (Madrid, 1994), despite his young age, is a veteran of the Formula 1 circuit, where he is celebrating his eighth season. His illusion is to be able to fight next season against the Dutchman Max Verstappen, dominating with his Red Bull for the past two years.

Pilot Carlos Sainz
The Spanish Formula 1 driver of the Ferrari team, Carlos Sainz during the interview granted to Efe as part of a promotional act by one of its sponsors. EFE/JJ Guillen

The driver Carlos Sainz attended the EFE, in an event organized by Estrella Galicia, to talk about the sporting moment he is going through and his future prospects at Ferrari, with which his media exposure has since multiplied his arrival last year.

Q: After Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy, three races in three weeks, how are you feeling in this period of active rest?

A: We are in the middle of the season. Tough races like the one in Singapore are coming, lots of travel, jet lag, and you have to find the balance between rest and activation to arrive as prepared as possible for what’s left.

Q: The next stop is Singapore, a circuit you know well. What do you expect from this race?

A: It will be very hard physically because it always has been with the humidity and the heat. It’s the toughest race in the World Championship and that’s why I’m going to take advantage of it this week to train at high temperatures and acclimatise. I think it’s a circuit that can do well for the car and it can give us a good chance to go for a victory which would be great before the end of the season.

Q: There are six World Cup races left. How do you see the season finale?

A: I would like to have a consistent end to the season, especially with the amount of things that have happened to us this year. I would like to have a quiet last part of the season, so that less things happen to us and to be able to pick up the pace and the times for next year, which will be a new opportunity.

Q: For next year, what are you asking of the Ferrari project?

A: The base is there. We have a solid base this year with a very good car and the team is progressing. We have to try to improve some things like reliability and consistency, but we have to keep in mind that this year we have been fighting against a team like Red Bull who are doing things perfectly. We have to learn and be the one to do them like that next year.

Q: Can we see Ferrari fight for the title in 2023?

A: I think so. This year we would have fought for the title if we had done things a little better and had a little luck at the start of the season and why not think that next year there is a new opportunity and it can materialize. Ferrari, after the big step it took from last year to this one, must set itself this goal.

Q: Last year, you made four podiums. This year a victory and six other podiums. How do you judge the season, are you satisfied?

A: Honestly, not a hundred percent. There were a lot of good times and times that I won’t forget, like that first win, but it was a bit of a rollercoaster because there were some tough times. It’s been hard to pick up the pace and get a string of results this season, there have been reliability issues and that consistency is what can get you in the fight for a title. This is what needs to be improved and I would like to start training on this.

Pilot Carlos Sainz
The Spanish Formula 1 driver of the Ferrari team, Carlos Sainz during the interview granted to Efe as part of a promotional act by one of its sponsors. EFE/JJ Guillen

Q: After Monza, many international press described Max Verstappen as intractable and inaccessible. What do you think of these degrees?

A: Not only Verstappen, but also Red Bull. Verstappen has a year in ten but Red Bull lacks nothing. Neither in strategy nor in making important decisions. The penalties they put in races where they know they’re going to have the strongest car. They have a very complete season and that makes them very difficult to beat. Intractable and inaccessible no. Every race we’re going to have an opportunity and we’re going to try.

Q: You are 28 and this is your eighth season in Formula 1. Do you ever stop to think about it?

A: I don’t think about it, only when I’m reminded that I’ve been in Formula 1 for eight years. This is where I realize how quickly time flies. I think it was yesterday that I made my debut in Australia. I have very close memories, I remember every race. To say that I was 28 for eight years is unbelievable. I don’t know if I have more than 150 races in Formula 1, which is a lot for my age.

Q: When you’re in the car at these speeds, how do you deal with your emotions?

A: It’s something I’ve been dealing with since I was ten years old. I give a Formula 1 race the same importance as a kart race. You always want to do your best and that’s something I’ve been doing since I was little. It’s up to me to know how to manage the race and that’s muscle memory. You always make mistakes, you always have better days than others, but you always end up doing something different.

Q: Is this direction formed?

A: It is an accumulation of experiences that I have been doing since I was eleven years old and that you are shaping, improving and refining. This is what leads us to be a Formula 1 driver and Formula 1 drivers to be the best in the world. You are competing against people who are on a similar level and handle things the same way.

Q: Is a pilot afraid?

A: No, I never felt fear. The day I’m scared, I’ll stop. It is something that cannot go along with the risk I take with a qualifying lap, a start or a fast lap. I’m sure it’s something that keeps you away.
Q: How do you manage Ferrari’s media exposure?

A: This is something I had already been warned about. They told me to be ready because the press in Italy was going to be very tough and how big Ferrari is in the world but until you’re inside you don’t realize the attention that she attracts. The amount of reviews, especially this year. I’ve read over the top reviews of the team but that’s part of the beauty. Being part of such a great organization and an emblem of the automotive world makes me proud. I don’t see that as a problem.

Q: Is it a dream come true to be at Ferrari?

A: Yes, I think it’s every pilot’s dream. Being part of this team and winning is all you can hope for as a racing driver.

Q: How do you see Fernando Alonso’s season at Alpine?

A: He is having a very good season and his plans for next year with Aston Martin are also looking good. Sooner or later, he’ll be up there with whatever cravings he has. I see him calm and impatient.

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