Barcelona, ​​September 21 (EFE).- The spokeswoman for the CUP in Parliament during the 1-O legislature, Anna Gabriel, assured that even the dialogue table with the State would not, on its own, allow to hold a self-determination referendum, not even a unilateral declaration of independence (DUI) will lead to an independent Catalonia.

This was stated in an interview with La Directa, after testifying last week before Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena, after more than four years on the run in Switzerland.

“Neither the dialogue table with the Spanish State will lead us to exercise the right to self-determination, nor the approval of the DUI in Parliament will lead us to be independent, nor put a new referendum on the table the ultimate solution he said, affirmed.

According to Gabriel, these options should not be used as “throwing weapons” between pro-independence forces, but rather “all options should be considered in order to underpin” a solution.

“A kind of polarization is taking place which for me is not up to the complex analysis required by the phenomenon. A confrontation with one of the main states of the European Union in a context of crisis like the one we are currently experiencing, I do not think it will be resolved with two poorly written paragraphs on what the solution should be, “said he argued.

Gabriel is “disturbed” by the trend towards “simplification, trivialization, caricature” within the independence movement.

For this reason, he does not agree to “present the peoples who have committed themselves to the table of dialogue as if they were the absolute traitors of the earth”, nor to qualify the most unilateralist sectors of the independence of “hyperventilated”.

“Less personalism and more collective strategies, less partisan and more analysis of reality, which is complex”, he decided. EFE


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