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Valladolid, Sep 21 (EFE).- The Minister of Economy and Finance of the Council, Carlos Fernández Carriedo (PP), assured that “it will be time” to address tax cuts and abolitions such than that announced the day before yesterday on the Wealth tax by the Andalusian President, Juan Manuel Moreno, although he specified that it will be done when “it is possible”.

Fernández Carriedo indicated this Wednesday in the corridors of the Autonomous Chamber, where the second day of the plenary session of the Cortes is held, that the Spanish government “could call things by their name” and opposed the Castilian and Leonese fiscal model with that of Moncloa, in reference to the tax recentralisation proposal made in a personal capacity by the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá.

For the adviser, the minister intends to “increase taxes and oppose the reductions” which have been made by certain autonomous communities such as Castilla y León.

The Board Spokesperson also recalled the abolition of inheritance and gift taxes last year, as well as the approval by the Board of Governors last week of a bill to reduce the first bracket of personal income tax for all taxpayers, as well as that of inheritance transfers in rural areas and other taxes.

“It’s time to lower taxes, to help people who are struggling and it would be good if the debate focused on who wants to lower taxes and who wants to raise them, not so much in the terminology of recentralisation. “

Carlos Fernandez Carriedo

“We are starting the legislature”

Asked about the difficulties in drawing up the general budget of the community for next year, he admitted that “it is never easy even in a majority government” and insisted on the fact that despite the different sensitivities, he will draw up annual accounts which “will take account of economic considerations”. growth and job creation, paying attention to the reality of many people who have great difficulty in making ends meet and guaranteeing the quality of public services”.

Faced with questions from journalists on the demands of the CEOE of Castilla y León for the regional government to follow the example of the Andalusian executive, governed alone by the PP, for the abolition of the wealth tax, Carriedo did not didn’t want to set a date and focused on previously announced tax cuts.

“We are starting a legislature and the first thing we did was to present a plan to deal with the economic crisis in which these cuts were included”, he assured, to add that “it will be time to talking about new scenarios” and reaffirmed that his orientation is very clear: lower taxes whenever possible. EFE

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