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Rome (EFE).- The leader of the 5 Star Movement (M5S) and former Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, assures in an interview with EFE that the extreme right Giorgia Meloni, the great favorite to win the elections, “is not unfit to govern” for his ties to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Regarding possible future pacts to curb the right, he anticipates that “there is no possibility of dialogue” with the progressives. According to him, “alliances are made on stakes, not for the convenience of a numerical calculation”.

Di Maio’s successor at the helm of the M5S

Conte, twice head of government in alliances with the Sovereignty League and with the Democratic Party (PD), threw the refoundation of the 5 Star Movement (M5S) behind his back after the departure of Luigi di Maio.

The polls give him 13.5% of voting intentions, far from the 25% they had reached in 2018 but close to overtaking Matteo Salvini’s League.

After several disagreements, Conte stopped supporting the government of Mario Draghi, which triggered its downfall and the snap elections, but he does not accept this blame.

“Draghi chose to step down despite a fair majority, he preferred to close the doors to M5S and reject our aid package for rising energy prices, wage increases and other emergencies for the country. Now the Italians are paying the consequences.

“Italy will be a weak country if the right governs”

Faced with what all the polls are predicting as a large victory for the right, Conte assures that with this victory “Italy will be a weaker country and with more difficulties because Meloni’s receipts are inadequate”.

“I am not afraid of a problem of democracy: Meloni’s slogans are defeated by serious programmatic proposals, the problem is rather Meloni’s approval of Orbán with his authoritarian and anti-liberal politics”

The 5 Star Movement is also not available to ally itself with the PD and confront the right after the elections.

Conte rules out any deals with his former government partners. The reason? “They sacrificed the good things done by the Conte government’s progressive front on the altar of Draghi’s agenda. They persecuted Di Maio, they courted (the centrists) Renzi and Calenda. What’s progressive in this mix? We say no to this hodgepodge.”

The President of the 5 Star Movement, Giiuseppe Conte, speaks on an Italian TV show about Mario Drgahi. EFE/EPA/Riccardo Antimiani

Commitment to renewable energy in the face of the energy crisis

For the M5S, now “the urgency is to make work worthy” and that is why it proposes “a minimum wage of 9 euros per hour” which it regrets “the other political forces are boycotting it”.

On one of the biggest problems facing the country, the energy crisis, Conte advances the creation of an Energy Recovery Fund, a structural investment plan in renewable energies for a real ecological transition and effective energy diversification. In short, “separate green investments from the calculation of the deficit to respect the Stability Pact”.

The former president, who opposed the increase in military spending in parliament, clarified that “the M5S voted for the shipment of weapons that guarantee the self-defense of the Ukrainian population, as established in the art. 51 of the Charter of the United Nations” but that “Italy and the other European countries must carry out a community commitment to build a peace process”.

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