Seville, Sep 21 (EFE).- The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, this Wednesday warned the central government against “the temptation to interfere in the fiscal autonomy” of the community and assured that if it does “any maneuver” to subtract powers or that taxes are raised will have “a vigorous judicial response”.

Moreno claimed that he “revolts” against the possibility of refocusing the ceded taxes, since “it is to increase them”, and criticized the fact that the socialists “are sometimes federalists, sometimes centralists, nobody understands them “.

He said in Cope that he was taken aback by the government’s ‘angry attack’ to scrap the wealth tax, which he said demonstrates ‘their own inconsistency and lack of rhetoric’ on tax issues, the spokeswoman for the Executive “disavowed” the Minister of Social Security.

He was also surprised by the reaction of the government of Catalonia, which saw that the invitation made to his employers to change their headquarters “disturbed” him, but insisted on this “benevolent” call and reminded these managers “that “a public prosecutor” makes the change “in fifteen or twenty days”.

He insisted that he will work so that any businessman or manager who wants to establish himself in Andalusia and admitted that it is an offensive because “the world is competitiveness”, as that maintained by companies: “Why can’t I compete with Catalonia or Madrid?” he asked himself.

“Now we play, we go on the attack, we compete,” said Moreno, who revealed a survey of Andalusian businessmen who left, mainly in Madrid, and the explanation was always the biggest “ fiscal benevolence”.

However, he assured that these businessmen want to be on their land, in Andalusia, where they usually reside, since the Treasury also carries out periodic inspections and they do not want to run “an absurd risk”.

He also spoke of “99%” of senior business executives who reside on the Cadiz or Malaga coast, who travel frequently to London or Paris, but with their families established in Andalusia, who do not pay taxes in the community for the heritage tax.

For this reason, he appealed again to Andalusians who pay taxes abroad, to those who live in “tax hell” in Catalonia and to the rest of European residents who live in Andalusia: “Today, any consultancy firm will take the steps for you in 15 days”.

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