València, Sep 21 (EFE).- The Valencian Community will register this Wednesday cloudy intervals in the northern half and slightly cloudy in the southern half, and from noon showers and thunderstorms are expected which can be locally strong in the province of Valencia, the interior of Castellón and the north of Alicante.

Precipitation will occur first in the interior and later on the coast, and will be less likely on the coast of Castellón and south of Alicante, according to the National Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

Temperatures will not experience significant changes, except for decreases in the minimums in the northern third, and the wind will be light, variable with moderate intervals and with sea breezes in the afternoon.

Thursday, showers and thunderstorms are expected throughout the day, first on the coast, where they can be locally strong and in the afternoon in the interior, the minimum temperatures will hardly vary and the maximum will be lower, and the wind will be variable with the sea breezes.

The extreme temperatures recorded over the past twenty-four hours in the provincial capitals were as follows:

Castelló 19.7 and 28.6 degrees

Valencia 20.9 and 28 degrees

Alicante 20.9 and 28.2 degrees

Marine forecasts:


In the coastal waters of Castellón, variable wind 2 to 3 tending to the E component 3. Marejadilla. A few showers or thunderstorms beginning in the morning.

On the Valencian coast, wind from S and SE 3 to 4 tending at dawn to variable 2 to 3 and in the afternoon to an E component 3 to 4. Swell, occasional swell. A few showers or thunderstorms beginning in the morning.

In Alicante, wind component E 3, occasionally 4 north of Cabo de la Nao. tidal wave A few showers or thunderstorms from noon.

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