Pamplona, ​​Sep 21 (EFE).- The fire declared this Tuesday afternoon on the southern slope of Mount Ezkaba, north of Pamplona, ​​affected 27 hectares, including 2.47 hectares of Aleppo pine, 1, 29 black pine and the rest are scrub and grassland, according to preliminary data provided by the Directorate General of the Environment.

Up to forty members of the Navarre fire department carried out auction and refreshment work on Wednesday, supported in the afternoon by a helicopter that dumped water in hard-to-reach smoking points by land.

Most of the troops, from Cordovilla, Estella and Pamplona parks, have already withdrawn and a surveillance checkpoint will remain in the area overnight.

The Foral police are in charge of investigating the causes of this fire and, although no hypothesis has been ruled out so far, the general director of the interior, Amparo López, has requested “individual responsibility and collective of the impact of the human factor in these situations”. “We also ask the population not to approach the burned areas and to avoid unnecessary risks”, he added.

The section of the Ronda de Pamplona (PA-30) between Villava and Ansoáin, as well as the Ezkaba tunnels, closed since yesterday afternoon to avoid possible effects on traffic caused by smoke and to facilitate the work of the means of extinction, they reopened to traffic at 01:46 and traffic is currently fluid.

At 07:00 today, the meeting of those responsible for the operation took place at the forward command post, which was transferred yesterday to the regional depot of urban transport in Pamplona, ​​to assess the situation. At 08:30 a reconnaissance flight is scheduled to assess the possibility of lowering the alert level which, given the situation, was agreed at 10:00.

The magnitude of the fire, which developed into two foci, one in the western area of ​​Mount Ezkaba and the other in the eastern area, made it necessary to upgrade the Emergency Plan to level 2. civil protection against forest fires (Infona Plan) of the Government of Navarre, active since last July, to request the support of State air resources.

In concrete terms, ten air resources and a coordination aircraft worked, with difficulties in their maneuvers due to the presence of power lines in the area. Resources have been mobilized from the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the communities of La Rioja and Aragon. More than ninety soldiers were working from the ground. At 8:30 p.m. the aerial means were withdrawn for lack of light and work continued from the ground. Around 11:30 p.m., the fire was finally brought under control.

This Wednesday, in addition, the firefighters smothered another fire declared in the rock of Izaga, in Izagaondoa, in the afternoon, reports the Foral Executive which indicates that the 112-SOS Navarra received the notice at 1:07 p.m. .

To the place, he mobilized crews from the Sangüesa and Cordovilla parks, members of the Environmental Guard, two helicopters and the cargo plane ashore based in Noáin. At 6:28 p.m. the last troops were withdrawn, once the fire was extinguished.

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