Madrid, Sep 21 (EFE).- The initiative to give the Mar Menor its own legal personality has today completed its parliamentary process, and the largest salt lagoon in Europe will thus enjoy protection and increased governance, which will allow citizens to demand compensation for damages produced in its waters.

The plenary session of the Senate approved by majority the Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP) for the protection of the Mar Menor, a text that was opposed only by Vox, and which will strengthen the conservation, maintenance and restoration of what will be the first natural area in Europe with recognized legal rights.

This vote in the upper house was the last stage of a popular initiative, which began more than two years ago with the collection of more than 600,000 signatures to be processed in the Cortes, and which this Wednesday enjoyed the support and help from promoters. and defenders of said ILP moved to Madrid to be present at the time of the approval of the standard, received with applause.

During the debate, Senator Vox José Marín Gascón, in defense of the veto proposal, pointed out that ecosystems cannot be considered subjects of rights, since they cannot assume obligations, and qualified this proposal of “legal nonsense” of law that supposes “more waste and more legislation”, instead of managing them well and without increasing public spending.

Marín Gascón pointed out that the recognition of ecosystem rights is “legally unrealizable” according to the Constitution and the Civil Code in force, since ecosystems are only recognized as figures of protection, which already exists in this case, and accused the other groups of using the Mar Menor for their world plans.

According to him, in this proposal, there is no other intention than to create a new “anti-democratic and totalitarian beach bar” which operates outside the law, and presumably endorsed by independent technicians, “for taking advantage of the good faith of citizens and escaping any democratic control.

In turn to respond, socialist senator Fernando Lastra said that environmental laws in the Region of Murcia have proven “clearly ineffective” in protecting the Mar Menor and for this reason he justified the new proposal which, he said, he says, it was not easy to achieve in the Cortes Generales because “it is the first time that such a thing has happened in Spain”.

“This initiative is a success, but it is also confirmation of the failure of those who have regional competence and environmental responsibility” in the Region of Murcia, said the senator, recalling that “it is not the Government of Murcia which raised its voice, but the citizens».

For Juan María Vázquez Rojas of the Popular Group, Vox’s veto would only “cut off” the debate on a legislative text that was approved by a majority in Congress and which gives voice to thousands of citizens who transfer with their signature, “a proposal to advance in the mechanisms for the protection of one of the most precious ecosystems in Spain and Europe”.

It is a “law with lights, but also with shadows”, observed Vázquez Rojas to affirm that it is a law which should not have been dealt with in an emergency and should have allowed a considered debate, but at the same time it is a law that “citizens increasingly committed to conservation are demanding.

Vázquez Rojas defended a particular vote to request that the Polytechnic University of Cartagena be included in the scientific committee of the Mar Menor, although he admitted that this inclusion would delay the approval of the law, a request which was rejected by the socialist party group considers that its sole purpose is to delay the approval of new legislation.

For the senator of Ciudadanos, Miguel Sánchez López, this legislative initiative is proof “of the failure of regional and national policy”, which has forced civil society to mobilize to find a solution to the problem “that we politicians, have created”.

The Mar Menor has reached a limit situation and the political leaders, especially regional but also national, have looked away, the citizens have risen to give this lagoon a legal personality, observed Sánchez López, for whom the Mar Menor is dying and this is an “incontrovertible reality”.

Vicenç Vidal of the Confederal Left group, who declined to respond to any of Vox’s arguments, urged people to stop denying the current crisis in the Mar Menor and who is responsible for the current situation, because “despite the fact that those responsible autonomous have failed in its protection and the disinterest of the leaders and the party, this sea has the right to exist”.

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