Zaragoza, (EFE).- The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, assured that the PNV “disgusts” him and that he is “disturbed by the love” of the PP for the pact with this party. For this reason, he warned the formation of Alberto Núñez Feijóo that if necessary, after the elections, they will have to choose. Its formation, he said, will neither be “profiled” nor abstained.

“It’s impossible, you can’t make this salad, you’ll have to choose,” Abascal said in his speech in Zaragoza at a colloquium organized by the Association of Managers and Managers of Aragon (Adea). In this forum, he attacked the PNV. He assured that it is a party that has already “betrayed” the PP with the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy. According to him, he “extorted Spanish society for 40 years” and “took advantage of the existence of terrorism”.

Vox will not profile

In any case, Abascal predicted that “there is no possibility of PP adding to PNV”. He insisted that if the popular intend to incorporate the nationalists into the Spanish government and Vox put themselves in “profile”, they support it or abstain, they do not “know” them. But it is that in addition, its statutes, he recalled, prohibit this type of pact.

In his speech, he insisted that Vox “does not cheat, there is no trick or card” and offers the Spaniards to recover “sovereignty” in politics.

to win

Their electoral expectations are “very good”, they are going out “to win” and they will be decisive “without a doubt” in Spain and in Aragonunderlined Abascal.

Vox will announce the electoral candidates for the regional and main capital elections before December. And although he assured that Vox is a formation that is above the candidates in most cases, in the case of the locals, the voters need to know the candidate because in the communes the person is voted much more than initial.

“Even the parties could be outside municipal life and nothing would happen,” he said.

Santiago Abascal takes care of the media in Zaragoza. EFE/Antonio Galán

To questions from participants and the media, Abascal referred to Macarena Olona, ​​his party’s candidate for the presidency of Andalusia in the last elections.

He assured that he would like to “listen” to her and find out if she has finally decided to leave politics and devote herself to the legal profession or if she wants to join Vox again and return to politics.

“I will add nothing more to what I have said in the three statements I have made these days,” Abascal said. He only added, with regard to The tour of Olona in different universities, that it seems to him very good that every Spaniard “can speak freely”. In Vox, they suffered “all kinds of attacks in the electoral campaigns”.

“I’m very happy with the sudden interest in Vox from many media,” commented Abascal.

Confidence in Garcia-Gallardo

He was also questioned about the insults by the vice-president of Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, of Vox, to the prosecutor of Cs and former vice-president of the Council, Francisco Igea. He called him an “imbecile” and a “presumed criminal” in the plenary session of the Cortes. Abascal said he didn’t hear the lyrics and had “full faith” in him.

Edited by Isabel Poncela

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