Elche (Alicante), September 22 (EFE).- A Ukrainian scientist from Kyiv University, Olga Yaroshko, 31 years oldSince September, it has been pursuing its ‘in vitro’ genetic improvement research in the Miguel Hernandez University (UMH) of Elchewith the collaboration of the Generalitat.

This young woman, who joined the Elche campus on the 1st, greeted the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, this Thursday at the gates of the UMH rectorate before the inauguration of the 2022-23 academic year in a solemn act with the rectors of the five Valencian public universities, including the host, Juan José Ruiz Martínez.

UMH genetics professor Manuel Pérez Pérez brought in Yaroshko, a predoctoral student at Kyiv University who research for three years on in vitro genetic improvement.


She fled the war because of the bombings and began an exodus across the European continent which took her first to Slovakia and then to Slovenia before arriving at the University of Elche, which hosted her and helped her with the bureaucratic procedures to obtain refugee status. status.

This young Ukrainian, who He left his parents, who fled Donbás, and his 26-year-old sister in his countrywas able to continue his medical treatment in Elche, where he concluded his journey for the time being with the help of Pérez Pérez, who learned of his situation from another Ukrainian scientist.

The work, henceforth, in the Genetics field of the UMH will prevent that all the work which had been developed during the last three years is not lost.

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