Barcelona, ​​Sep 21 (EFE).- The Catalan National Assembly held meetings this Wednesday with the ERC and the CUP, before which it reaffirmed its roadmap for a declaration of independence in the second half of 2023 and the called for the establishment of a separatist “confluence zone” to build “bridges of dialogue”.

After meeting Catalan President Pere Aragonès a week and a half ago, and then meeting JxCat, in this case Catalan Vice-President Jordi Puigneró, the ANC today closed its series of contacts with the other two main pro – independent forces of Parliament, ERC and CUP.

While they were meeting the anti-capitalists this morning, it was in the afternoon that the ANC was received in the Catalan Parliament by the spokesperson for the ERC group, Marta Vilalta, and the deputy spokesperson, Meritxell Serret , for nearly an hour and a half.

A meeting between the ERC and the Assembly which had already resulted in no prospect of agreement after their confrontation on the occasion of the Diada of September 11, when the staff of the ERC, including the Catalan president, Pere Aragonès, refused to participate in the pro- independence demonstration that organize this entity.

“With the ERC, we have seen points of convergence, but there are still quite a few distances. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that the whole independence movement continues to speak,” ANC vice-president Jordi Pesarrodona, who led the entity’s delegation in the absence of its president, told the media. Dolors Feliu, traveling to the United States.

According to Pesarrodona, the ANC has unmasked the ERC and the CUP, which stick to its roadmap, which commits to “sustained mobilization in the streets” and to declare independence in the second half of 2023, a plan that has already been categorically ruled out by Aragonès and that JxCat executives have not signed either.

“We feel strong enough to take this roadmap forward,” said the ANC leader. “The parties, as before October 1, obey when the people push from below. The reflection is that the mobilized people is what will push the parties to move towards the roadmap that we want to put in place.

Pesarrodona has asked ERC, JxCat and CUP to “talk” about this roadmap during next week’s general policy debate in Parliament; and on the other hand, he called on them to “rebuild bridges of dialogue” between “all” the members of the independence movement.

Something that, he pointed out, goes through “the immense need” to constitute a “zone of confluence between all”, in allusion to the space of strategic coordination of the independence movement that the independence forces are trying to reactivate , after the blockade due to the differences in particular between ERC and JxCat.

“Everyone is with a very clear objective of reaching the Catalan republic. This is why we must find bridges of dialogue between all of us. We made that very clear after the three games,” he said.

In fact, the ERC was already attending this meeting as part of a series of contacts that the Republicans have initiated with parties and entities to try to define this unitary strategic orientation of the independence movement, but without taking into account the proposal of the ANC with a declaration of independence. EFE


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