Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (EFE).- Former Congress President and former Defense Minister José Bono said on Thursday that the solution proposed by Morocco for Western Sahara to become an autonomous region of its territory is “clever , credible and effective”, as the UN values ​​it, and it must be negotiated.

Bono pointed out that the proposal was also appreciated by the United States and Germany, and is supported by the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, before inaugurating the first international conference for peace and security, organized in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria by the Sahrawi Movement for Peace – a forum rejected by organizations linked to the Polisario Front.

The also former president of the autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha defended the need for a rapprochement between the parties, since the Polisario Front “has fixed itself on the idea of ​​proclaiming an independent state”.

The “smarter, more credible and more effective position is that of autonomy”, as the UN says, and the offer deserves consideration, not because it is in favor of Morocco but because she is “intelligent” and the Sahrawi population needs solutions, “there are many years of discomfort”.

He pointed out that he has been Minister of Defense, President of an Autonomous Community and of the Congress of Deputies, but that “he never” had “as much decision-making power and funds as when he was President of Castilla-La Mancha”.

Bono said he was aware of the “road map” proposed by Morocco and it seems to him “serious” and therefore it must be negotiated, he insisted.

He commented that there are many people who have an opinion contrary to all that Morocco can offer “because they start from the prejudice” that the country is still “in the time of Hassan II and it is not true” and “it can be verified”.

Mohamed VI made “an important change and this leaden time is over (…), the king himself promoted the investigation of the crimes committed by his father’s monarchy”, he underlined.

Regarding the position of United We Can, which argues that the conference aims to “whitewash” the position of executive president Sánchez, Bono said he is responding to a “radical party”, which exposes these approaches because that now “they are electorally more favorable; They continue to believe that attacking Morocco and thinking that the situation there is the same as when Hassan II reigned is good for them.

In this sense, Bono said that it was an “old and stale” party and with “many chapels”, and as an example he cited that if you listen to Pablo Iglesias you hear the “oldest and the oldest of this same pre-railway communism”, but “we have them as partners and we have to bite our tongues a little”.

“I don’t like what they are defending in these moves and I would tell them that if they have to criticize international politics, they have very fertile ground and they know how to be critical,” Bono remarked.

The president of the Movement behind the conference, the dissident of the Polisario Front Hach Ahamed Bericalla, told journalists that the objective of this first meeting for peace is to call the attention of the international community to find a urgent solution after more than 50 years of conflict with “catastrophic” consequences for the Sahrawi population, especially those living in refugee camps.

Likewise, he explained that the objective is to open a debate between the Sahrawis so that an “honorable exit” is achieved and that it responds to an agreement between the Sahara and Morocco, as proposed by the Nations Nations, and to call for a ceasefire in the region and for the UN representatives to enforce it.

When wars are not won, a peaceful solution must be found between administrations to get out of the “vicious circle”, believes the Polisario dissident.

Ahamed also insisted that from the Polisario Front the Sahrawi population is confused about the UN resolutions, since the referendum they defend does not appear in their proposals since 2005, what he recommends is a mutual agreement accepted between the parties, which once reached, it must be submitted to the Saharawi people for consultation.

The president of the Movement for Peace maintains that many Saharawis disagree with the line supported by the Polisario Front, after having spent 50 years in the same situation and “living on charity and subsidies”.

The forum will be closed tomorrow, Friday, by former Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, and Socialist MEP Juan Fernando López Aguilar is also expected to attend. ECE

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