Campdevànol (Girona), (EFE).- The man arrested in Campdevànol (Girona) for his alleged involvement in the death of his partner has a history of gender-based violence linked to previous relationships.

According to sources close to the case, the detainee is 36 years old and was arrested last Wednesday shortly before 3:00 p.m. after the body of a woman was located in a house in this mountain town of just over 3,000 inhabitants.

The victim is a 21-year-old girl and the man is being held at Ripoll police station, where he spent the night awaiting trial.

Place where the murder of a young woman took place in Girona
The Mossos d’Esquadra have arrested a man who is believed to be linked to the death of his partner in the town of Camdevànol (Girona). EFE/David Borrat.

The Mossos d’Esquadra de Girona criminal investigation area is in charge of investigations to clarify the causes of the young woman’s death, while the investigating judge has decreed the secrecy of the procedure.

The apartment in which the body appeared, later transferred to the Forensic Medicine Institute of Girona to confirm whether it was a violent death, is located in Puntarró de Campdevànol street, where the victim lived with the inmate and his mother.

The CCOO union condemned the alleged sexist murder and expressed through a statement its rejection “of the violence that is still exercised against women just for the fact of being women”, while calling for the eradication of this type of case. .

Victim number 30 of gender-based violence

If confirmed to be a gender-based killing, it would be the 30th victim so far this year in Spain (the fifth in Catalonia) and the 1,160th since statistics began in 2003 .

016 is at the service of all victims of gender violence 24 hours a day and in 52 different languages, as is the email; Attention is also provided via WhatsApp through the number 600000016, and minors can contact the ANAR Foundation telephone number 900 20 20 10.

In case of emergency, you can call 112 or the telephone numbers of the National Police (091) and the Civil Guard (062), and if you cannot call, you can use the ALERTCOPS app, from from which an alert signal is sent. to the Police with geolocation.

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