Córdoba, (EFE).- The Minister of Justice, Local Administration and Public Administration, José Antonio Nieto, affirmed this Thursday that Andalusia “will accept” a new temporary tax for large fortunes on which the government is working “if he does not invade the competitions”.

Speaking to journalists, after signing the PFEA co-financing agreement in Cordoba with the representatives of the eight provincial councils, Nieto explained that “the content of this proposal” of a tax on large fortunes formulated by the Minister is not known .Treasury, María Jesús Montero.

Andalusia will defend the statute of autonomy

“The Ministry of Finance has a very wide area of ​​competence in which it can set new tax rates,” Nieto said. Therefore, if it is “in the area of ​​competence of the Spanish government, then we will like it more, or we will like it less”, but the Council will have “no capacity to respond”.

However, if the new tribute of a tax on large fortunes “invading an autonomous competition”, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, “has already made it clear that we are not going to allow Andalusian autonomy to be reduced by one iota”.

For this reason, Nieto warned the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Minister of Finance that “if they have this temptation, abandon it”, because Andalusia “will react by defending the Statute of Autonomy”.

“Serene” debate adapted to “reality” on the PFEA

On the other hand, Nieto called for a “calm debate” on the “present and the future” of the Agricultural Employment Promotion Plan (PFEA) for its “adaptation” to the “social and economic reality of the municipalities of Andalusia in the 21st century”.

After signing the PFEA co-financing agreement with the representatives of the eight provincial councils, Nieto recalled that this plan is one of the “great projects that are only in Andalusia and Extremadura” and in which “the hand -work is what priority” .

The Junta de Andalucía and the eight Andalusian provincial councils agree in Córdoba to the co-financing agreement for the Agricultural Employment Promotion Plan (PFEA). EFE / Rafa Alcaide

“Unfortunately, in many towns in Andalusia and in the interior and rural areas, the possibility of accessing a job for a year is very difficult,” explained Nieto. The “only way” is with “the support of all administrations” to “activate an emergency solution”, such as the PFEA, formerly known as PER, he added.

The city councilor has bet on the “loyalty of all” from “respect for difference” and “listening to the opinions of each of the municipalities” and “political formations”. All this to be able to “continue to improve this plan and continue to defend that Andalusia and Extremadura have this singularity in positive”.

Best content and highest amount for 2023-2024

He added that he did not believe that “the controversy that can be generated on this subject is positive” and opted for “dialogue” and “joint debate”. In this way, the Ministry will “commit” that the 2022/2023 plan will be executed “in the best conditions” and that the next one will have “a greater amount, better content and greater agility in its execution” .

Finally, he showed Andalusia’s willingness to “increase” the amount allocated to the plan in the “same proportion” as the government does in the event of a “special contribution for this PFEA”. Mainly in the “materials” section whose cost is increasing due to the effects of inflation. ECE

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