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Rome, (EFE).- Kvicha Kvaratskhelia is the new star of Serie A. He plays for Napoli, who only paid 10 million euros for his services. A boon given the evolution of the current market in the world of football and the performance it offers. The impact of Georgian in Naples and Italy is enormous. Also in Europe. Command the Serie A leader and make a difference in the Champions League. The 21-year-old has become Napoli’s best economic operation in recent times.

The transaction went unnoticed at the time. A ten million euro contract for a Georgian Dinamo Batumi player was lost in the flurry of chips this summer. A few months before the signing, Russian Rubin Kazan demanded 30 million for the player. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine erupted and ‘Kvara’ parted ways with the Russian club to join the Georgian, who lowered the player’s price.

Roma, Juventus or Real Sociedad followed the player closely and were interested in signing him, but Napoli were quicker and paid the 10 million requested by Dinamo Batumi.

Now no one takes their eyes off ‘Kvara’, a player who not only raised Napoli’s competitive ceiling and put it back on the map with his displays, but also made an economic difference for the ‘Parthenopean’ club.

Napoli monetizes its new star

Victories in the Champions League total nearly 3 million euros, and qualification for the knockout stages is 9.6 million. Since 2020, the ‘azzurri’ team has failed to reach this round. “Kvara” has raised the competitive ceiling of the club, being a dagger from the flank, and not only brings the possibility of qualifying closer, but also makes his “tifosi” dream of participating in the knockout stages.

The ‘Azzurri’ are one of the revelation teams of this edition. Framed in Group A, they have already eliminated current runners-up Liverpool 4-1 in a performance that has raised alarms around the Georgian. Tourbillon, he did what he wanted with the defense of the ‘reds’. They couldn’t stop him.

His game against Rangers was very similar. Far from the southern Italian town, ‘Kvara’ was again a key player and an indisputable figure in Luciano Spalletti’s project. Another victory, two out of two possible.

Each of them represented 2.8 million euros for the club. For now, Napoli add a total of €5.6m with the group-first finish on the horizon. The role of ‘Kvara’ has been the protagonist and his ownership is not negotiated in the Champions League. Their presence, for the moment, is equivalent to a direct economic benefit.

But not everything came back, it also means savings. He came to replace Lorenzo Insigne, who had a record 9 million euros. Naples pays 1.2 million, according to Cristiano Giuntoli, sports director of the transalpine club. A saving of 7.2 million euros and the possibility of generating the treble only in the Champions League.

Serie A is growing, the spotlight is on the Georgian

And it is that, in addition, the Georgian has achieved something that seemed impossible. He established himself as the equal of what was until now the undisputed star and the future of Serie A: the Portuguese Rafael Leao.

‘Kvara’ has become the new image of a championship that seeks, through its figure, to grow in the market, recover the audience and reach the level it had in its heyday. A league that wants to become important again.

The front pages of media in Italy have a new owner, putting Georgia’s top player at the center of Italian football’s elite, which inevitably expands the Serie A market to a performance-conscious continent of Asia. and the movements of the Georgian.

The ‘Kvara’-mania reaches the city of Maradona

The Georgian’s explosion began in the same year 2022, far from Naples, when he was still wearing the shirt of Dinamo Batumi, a team in which he arrived after his decision to leave Rubin Kazan due to the conflict between the Russia and Ukraine.

Eight goals and two assists in eleven games convinced Napoli to edge out the rest of the interested teams. Quite a success. In the ten games he has worn the ‘azzurra’ jersey, he has already signed two assists and four goals, being crucial in the success of the Serie A leader team ‘partenopeo’.

The city of Naples, where Diego Armando Maradona reigns, has always needed an idol to worship. Until recently, that number was that of local idol Lorenzo Insigne, but his last two years haven’t been up to the challenge and that gap has stood empty. Naples was an orphan.

Until this summer, when the Georgian showed himself ready to break all the schemes. He has become, without a doubt, the most demanded figure in the southern city. His jersey, with the 77 on the back, was the most requested by the fans -according to the Italian newspaper ‘Corriere della Sera’-, that every time their new idol touches the ball, they expect a new overflow , a new dribble, a new chance of danger. Something that ‘Kvara’ has already managed to make seem routine.

The dream of every Neapolitan, closer

The arrival of ‘Kvara’, and its rapid adaptation to ‘Calcium’, was the perfect ingredient for the soil that was created in Naples. There are no players with too high salaries, the leader is the coach and the locker room is detoxified with great figures. They all row in the same direction, in silence, accompanied by a crowd that has reconnected with their team.

‘Kvara’ was the risky bet to land a star. A player who on his own was able to unlock matches as he has already shown he can do.

Inevitably, the city began to dream of something it only achieved twice: raising the “Scudetto”. The glory that only Maradona was able to bring to Naples (86-87 and 89-90). A historic achievement that the Neapolitans now see as a real possibility. Leaders of Serie A, going head-to-head in the Champions League. All under the rhythm of Kvaratskhelia, a godsend that reigns in Naples and shines in Italy.

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