Ines Escario/Zaragoza (EFE).- The group Teruel Abismo returns to the stage with their second album, ‘Esperando al Ángel Negro’. This work is a “soul” investigation into the bowels of rock, in which they dive through different styles.

“When we started with Abismo, we knew clearly that we didn’t want to lock ourselves into any one style, that we were going to do what our soul and Music which we thought was convenient, without having to stick to anything premeditated”, explains Alberto Arnau in an interview with Efe.

This well-known face of rock from Teruel promoted this musical project in 2018 with ‘Satanic Songs’. They also went hand in hand with Cursed Records. It was an album “with sinister and intimate lyrics” surrounded by a “dark atmosphere” which brought it closer to gothic rock.

Abyss in his rehearsal room in Teruel. EFE/Tony Garcia

From now on, the group returns with a proposal of thirteen “more diverse” songs, with varied styles. They range from rock, to flashes of punk, country, even a little gospel, as well as intimate songs derived from the first album.

With this new album, Abismo continues to strengthen its personal seal of identity, “with a collection of impressive songs that immerse you in its particular sound universe: dreamlike places and dark worlds, in which rock frequencies predominate, without any type bonding or conventionalism”. ”.

his bacchanalia

A “sound bacchanal” that Abismo will present this Saturday in the Creedence room in Zaragoza from 9:00 p.m., with the group “Tiger”.

The album was recorded by Iker Piedrafita at El Sótano studios in Pamplona and the album cover is the work of Javi Reaktiu, as well as the entire visual image of the band.

And it is that Abismo also attracts attention for its aesthetic that arises from the sound of its songs, which “cause images”. “We think the music is quite elegant and we want the image to be consistent.”

David Pascual (drums), Imanol Perez (bassist) and Alberto Arnau (guitar), from Abismo. EFE/Tony Garcia

The former member of the rock group Visitantes is in charge of composing the bases on which the group, made up of members from Teruel, Valencia and Ciudad Real, creates the songs.

In this musical adventure, he is accompanied by Iván Moya and Vega Molina on guitars, Dani Castillo on keyboards and David Pascual on drums.

music with care

“With the new album, we were very clear that we were going to take it for the long term and we developed the idea calmly, giving the songs everything they needed in terms of arrangements, sound and production”, explains the singer and guitarist, originally from Sarrión. A place where Arnau bonded with rock “like a kid”, when he was listening to the Rolling Stones: “I said, I want to do that too. Then I started listening to all kinds of rock, blues, heavy metal… all styles of rock, and I fell in love with that music to this day.

“We started by setting up a group with friends from the city which didn’t last long, as usual (laughs). And then I formed Visitantes, which was active for a long time and now we are in a kind of dead end”, explains the singer about this group. Visitors can come back, but Arnau is now “one hundred percent” immersed in the Abyss project.

After the presentation in Zaragoza, Arnau celebrates that now is the time to present ‘Esperando al Ángel Negro’ live and “make the most of it” with events such as Barcelona (October 15), the official presentation in Teruel (October 25, November) or Castellón (December 3).

Edited by Isabel Poncela

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