United Nations (EFE).- Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday conveyed to his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba, “China’s respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”, according to a tweet from Kuleba himself.

According to the head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Mr. Wang also expressed his “rejection of the use of force as a means of settling disputes” between countries.

For its part, the Twitter account of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is limited to posting a photo of the handshake of the two ministers, with their flags behind, without any comment.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi (L) and United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres (R) during a meeting at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, New York, USA. EFE/EPA/Justin Lane

Wang’s remarks, as transcribed by Kuleba, do not represent a major change in China’s attitude, especially since they do not include the slightest criticism addressed to Russia and therefore do not reflect any shift in the equidistance that Beijing has tried to show in this war. between the two competitors.

China can better define its position tomorrow

Some countries concerned, such as India, seem to show more and more differences with Russia. This is not the case with China, which just yesterday in the Security Council once again showed its ambiguity by defending the principle of territorial integrity, but again alluding to the need to understand the reasons for Russia.

In any case, if there should be a change in this inclined neutrality towards Russia, it will be necessary to wait until tomorrow, Saturday, when Wang Yi will speak before the General Assembly and will thus be able to define his position in a week during which the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, gave a new turning point with his call to mobilize 300,000 soldiers and the announcement of two referendums on the annexation to Russia of various Ukrainian regions.

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