Bilbao (EFE).- Euskadi will vaccinate from Monday 26 against influenza and covid in nursing homes and the double inoculation of risk groups will begin on October 3. On November 1, vaccinations will begin for the rest of the population.

“Yes, we are vaccinated” is the motto chosen by the Ministry of Health of the Basque Government for this campaign against influenza and covid-19, as reported this Friday by the Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui, who has called on the population to get vaccinated.

650,000 flu shots

The Basque Country has acquired a total of 651,500 doses of flu vaccines – last year around 563,000 vaccines were administered in this community – with the possibility of increasing up to 781,800 doses, and it has 129,600 booster doses against covid-19, although it may have some 370,000 vaccines against coronavirus disease.

Flu and covid vaccines in Basque residences

Vaccination against influenza and the administration of the second booster dose will begin next Monday in residences for the elderly.

From that same day, September 26, people belonging to risk groups (over 65, people with chronic illnesses, pregnant women and health and socio-sanitary professionals) will be able to make an appointment – in the Osakidetza website or at your health center – and they will be scheduled from October 3rd. AND

The rest of the population wishing to be vaccinated will be able to do so from 1 November.

Photos flu and covid

rise of the flu

Health authorities have indicated that, although it is impossible to predict how the flu virus will behave this fall-winter, “there may be a relatively large flu peak” since it is possible that the flu will “reactivate”. ” as soon as possible. reduce the incidence of covid-19.

Faced with people who have “doubts” about whether to get the flu shot and receive the second booster dose against covid-19, Sagardui said the recommendation was “absolutely yes”, especially for the most vulnerable groups. .

“Yes, we get vaccinated”

He explained that the campaign slogan, “Yes, we are vaccinated”, is “a comprehensive declaration of intent in favor of the best tool to effectively prevent flu and covid“.

After recalling that one of the main features of this campaign is that the flu vaccination and the second booster dose against the coronavirus disease will be offered simultaneously, the Minister of Health stressed that the campaign is aimed at the general population, although “especially those who are at risk of complications.”

For this reason, vaccinations will begin in nursing homes and will continue on October 3 with the rest of the risk groups.

In addition to citizens making an appointment through the Osakidetza website or by calling its outpatient clinic, the Basque health service will call on the population over 80 to “achieve the maximum” of vaccinations in the older group.

November 1: vaccinations for the entire population

The rest of the population who wish to be vaccinated will be able to request an appointment from next October 17, and the administration of the doses will begin on November 1. The general population who want to get vaccinated will get the flu shot “safely”.

With that of covid-19, according to the adviser, “the instructions of the expert staff of the Public Health Commission will be followed”.

The Public Health Commission agreed yesterday Thursday to recommend vaccination with the second booster dose against covid-19 for all people over the age of 60, as well as for people under that age who have conditions to health risk, and approved that it be administered with the flu antidote.

Last year, 562,840 flu shots were administered in the Basque Country, protecting 73% of the Basque population aged 65 or over, explained flu campaign coordinator Enrique Peiró. ECE

Written by Ernesto Martinez

Edited by Elena Puerta

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