Vienna, September 22 (EFE).- The former president of the Generalitat of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont assured today that his party, JxCat, did not issue an ultimatum to the ERC, but insisted that his government partners comply with what has been signed.

“It is not an ultimatum. We signed this, which was not respected and it is time to do something,” Puigdemont assured a conference at the Central European University in Vienna.

“I am not the president of the party and I do not want to interfere in the conversations between Esquerra and Junts, but it is normal that Junts asks for the respect of the agreement”, he insisted.

Puigdemont said the two sides agreed to negotiate a political solution with the Spanish state, coordinate the efforts of the two parliamentary groups in the Spanish parliament and “work together to create a new united direction on how to take the next steps.” “.

The MEP assured that “the way in which the Catalan independence movement must act must be decided together”.

“I hope that in the end it will be the response of Esquerra Republicana. I think they will respect the contract. I have no doubt that, in the common interest, they will respect the agreement,” he said. -he declares.

Puigdemont made these statements during a conference on State and sovereignty, in front of an audience of around a hundred people, mainly students and academics of the CEU, during which he justified and explained the independence movement Catalan.

Puigdemont referred to the illegal referendum on the independence of Catalonia, called under his presidency, and which will be five years old on October 1, and assured that this call was due to the refusal of the Spanish government to agree on a consultation or financing of new agreements.

“All attempts to improve our autonomy have failed. We had no other choice. The only option was to hold a referendum,” he said.

Puigdemont denied the 2017 referendum was a failure and claimed he allowed the Catalan parliament to launch the declaration of independence.

“We don’t need to call another referendum or another declaration of independence. The only way to hold a new referendum is for the Spanish authorities to agree to agree with the Catalan government on a new binding referendum,” Puigdemont said.

Asked about the possibility of a radicalization of the independence movement, Puigdemont acknowledged that “there is always a risk” but also assured that this sector was only a minority.

“There is no room for violence or radicalism,” he said.

“After five years of repression, there is anger and there are disappointments, even with Catalan institutions and politicians”, recognized Puigdemont, who assured that, despite this, the “reaction is peaceful”.

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