Madrid, September 23 (EFE).- Cloudiness will gradually increase in the eastern third and the Balearic Islands, where showers and thunderstorms are expected today, locally strong in northern Aragon, Catalonia and La Valencian Community, according to the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

The cloud intervals will increase until covering the sky in Galicia and in the Cantabrian region, although with light rains.

In the rest of the Peninsula, the sky will be slightly cloudy or with some intervals, but without precipitation.

In the Canary Islands, intervals are expected in the north of the islands, without excluding low rainfall in those with greater relief; and with some clouds to the south.

Maximum temperatures will drop in the northwestern third of the peninsula, increase in Cadiz, Valencia, Aragon and Catalonia, and remain unchanged in the rest; the low will rise in the center and north of the peninsula, and will descend in Extremadura.

The wind will blow from a northerly component in Galicia, and from the northwest in the Bay of Biscay, from the southeast in the lower Ebro, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, moderately from the east in the strait and from the northeast is in the Canary Islands. In the rest, there will be a variable light wind.


– GALICIA: medium and high clouds in the morning, among which wide sunny spells will open in the afternoon in the south. Chance of morning mist and even fog in the western third, inside Lugo. In the northern third, light rain from the end of the afternoon without excluding a scattered shower in the morning. Minimum temperatures down slightly on the southwest coast and in the Ourense mountain; and up slightly for the rest; maximum downhill except in La Mariña and Rías Bajas where they will remain constant. Northeast wind on the Costa da Morte and variable loose in the rest, with a tendency in the morning to a northerly component, while it intensifies on the south coast and at night in the north.

– ASTURIAS: cloudy sky that will increase until overcast. Risk of morning mist or fog in the northwest interior. Light rain and showers overnight, less likely in the south, although a few scattered showers in the Cordillera in the morning cannot be ruled out. Minimum temperatures in slight ascent and maximum in descent, slight or without changes of the coast. Variable light wind, which from noon will tend to the northern component in the interior; and in west and northeast directions on the coast, being somewhat more intense.

– CANTABRIA: medium and high clouds that will increase until leaving a cloudy or overcast sky, with rain and scattered showers in the afternoon, without excluding mists and scattered morning fog banks on the coast and in the far south. Rising minimum and falling maximum temperatures. Variable loose wind, which will intensify and tend towards a westerly component on the coast and a northwesterly direction in the interior.

– BASQUE COUNTRY: Intervals of medium and high clouds, and some lows at dawn, which will increase during the morning until leaving a cloudy or overcast sky with rain and scattered showers, more frequent and intense in end of the day in the east end of Guipúzcoa. Minimum temperatures rising and maximum temperatures falling in the west and south, and unchanged in Guipúzcoa. Variable light wind, which will intensify, with a tendency to a westerly component on the coast and a northerly component in the interior.

– CASTILLA Y LEÓN: slightly cloudy sky with intervals of medium and high clouds, which will increase throughout the day from north to south, without excluding weak and scattered precipitation in the northern third, especially in the mountains, and in the far east, where evolving cloudiness is expected, which may be accompanied by a thunderstorm. Minimum temperatures rising, except in the southwest, and maximum temperatures falling or unchanged in the southwest. Variable light wind, northeasterly in the northeast quadrant and westerly in the rest.

– NAVARRE: intervals of high clouds and some low clouds at dawn in the western half, which will increase during the morning until leaving cloudy or overcast skies, with rain and showers afterwards -noon, which can be accompanied by thunderstorms, more frequent and intense in the Pyrenees and in the eastern third, where at the end of the day they can be locally strong. Minimum temperatures rising and maximum with little change. Variable loose wind, with a tendency in the afternoon to north and north-west directions.

– LA RIOJA: slightly cloudy sky with intervals of medium and high clouds, and with a certain tendency to increase cloudiness and cover, without excluding light scattered precipitation, which can sometimes be accompanied by a thunderstorm. Low clouds and morning fog banks are also not excluded. Rising minimum temperatures, and maximum temperatures unchanged or slightly decreasing. South-easterly wind with a variable tendency to let go at the end of the day.

– ARAGÓN: Cloudy intervals in the morning, with a tendency from noon to a cloudy or overcast sky with showers and thunderstorms that can be locally strong and more likely in the northern third of Aragon and east of Teruel. Rising temperatures, especially the minimums. Loose wind from south and southeast directions.

– CATALONIA: cloudy periods in the early hours of the day, without excluding scattered and occasional showers on the southern half of the coast. From noon, we will tend to have a cloudy or overcast sky, with showers and thunderstorms from the afternoon which can be locally strong. Temperatures without variations or with local increases. Loose wind from the south, with moderate intervals on the coast, stronger on the north coast.

– EXTREMADURA: slightly cloudy sky with high clouds, with some cloudy passages in the north. Decreasing minimum and maximum temperatures with little change. Variable light wind with a westerly tendency.

– COMMUNITY OF MADRID: slightly cloudy sky, which will increase in intervals of medium and high clouds, more abundant in the mountains. Minimum temperatures unchanged or slightly increasing; maximum unchanged or slightly decreasing. Variable light wind with more intense intervals from the southwest direction in the central hours.

– CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: slightly cloudy sky that will increase at intervals of medium and high clouds, more abundant in the central and Iberian systems, as well as a certain interval of cloudiness evolution. A shower is not excluded, sometimes accompanied by a thunderstorm in the eastern third. Minimum temperatures rising in the eastern half and unchanged in the rest; maximums slightly decreasing in Guadalajara and Ibérica Cuenca and unchanged in the rest. Variable loose wind with a predominance of the southern component in Albacete and of the southwest direction in the rest, during the central hours.

– VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: In the morning, cloudy periods and low probability of scattered and occasional showers in the coastal areas. In the afternoon, the sky will tend to become cloudy or overcast, with showers and thunderstorms, less likely towards the south of Alicante and which can be locally strong in the areas of Castellón and Valencia. Minimum temperatures unchanged and maximum rising in Castellón and Valencia. Variable light wind with a tendency to a southerly component at noon and with intervals of moderate wind on the coast in the afternoon.

– REGION OF MURCIA: cloudy periods, without excluding occasional showers that may be accompanied by thunderstorms, more likely in the interior during the afternoon. Morning mist. Temperatures with slight changes. Variable light wind, with breezes.

– BALEARIC ISLANDS: cloudy periods with occasional and scattered showers. Temperatures with little change. Light wind and coastal breeze.

– ANDALUSIA: slightly cloudy sky, although with intervals of low clouds and mist on the coasts, not excluding mist. Daytime cloudiness in the eastern third and the rest of the mountains, not excluding occasional showers from noon, more likely in the eastern mountains. Temperatures with slight changes. East wind in the strait; loosely variable in the rest, with a southwesterly trend on the Atlantic slope.

– CANARY ISLANDS: in the north of the most important islands, cloudy sky, with little probability of light and occasional rains in the early morning and with a tendency to cloudy intervals in the central hours. North of Lanzarote, cloudy periods with sunny spells at noon. For the rest, slightly cloudy sky, with a strong cloudiness which will extend from the south-east to the north-west of the archipelago during the second part of the day. Temperatures with little change, with some increase in high areas. Northeast wind, more intense on the southeastern and northwestern slopes of the islands with greater relief, where strong intervals are expected at dawn and at the end of the day. In the central peaks of Tenerife, wind from the southwest. Coastal breezes facing southwest.

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