PALM BEACH, FL, June 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PURE Energy Drink is as pure as its developer is fast. Developed by David Schiwietz, a European GT3 & Formula race driver, PURE Energy Drink is made from 90 percent natural spring water. “I wanted to develop the purest energy drink on the market,” Schiwietz said. “I gave my research team specific instructions and they crossed the finishing line a winner.”
Now available in the United States on and Amazon, Schiwietz said he is looking to add more retail outlets in the coming months. “We have the crystal clear PURE Energy Drink that stands apart from its competitors, which often give you a sugar crash shortly after drinking it,” Schiwietz said.
“We formulated PURE Energy Drink with only 10 grams of Beet Sugar that avoids the sugar crash and combines with the caffeine to give you sustained energy and focus for hours.” Earlier this year, Schiwietz’s representatives introduced PURE Energy Drink to buyers from the top 50 large and small retailers in the United States. “We are following up with them and look forward to expanding our distribution network in the United States,” he added.
Schiwietz also developed another beverage, PURE Sports Nutrition BCAA, which has more than two to four times the usual amount of amino acids compared to other sports nutrition drinks on the market.
“We made our sports nutrition beverage with a high amount of amino acids because, as a race car driver, I know athletes want to recover from intense workouts fast, increase muscle growth, and improve performance,” he said. “We developed PURE Sports Nutrition BCAA with more amino acids to help athletes accomplish these goals,” Schiwietz said, adding that his functional sports nutrition beverage will soon be available in the U.S. Schiwietz said once American consumers try his PURE drinks, they will know the difference.
“As a race car driver I strive for precision and excellence, which is what I demanded from my team,” he said. “American consumers will know we have winners that provide more energy and sports nutrition than other competitors.” Visit Amazon or to purchase PURE Energy Drink.

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