Hurricane Ida struck Louisiana with a Category 4 storm on Sunday, August 29, 2021. It became the first hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast this year. It was also the first Hurricane
to reach the continental United States. One million people lost power after landing near the port of Fulchong.

Coincidentally, the storm hit the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed the New Orleans area when it landed as a Category 4 storm in 2005.
weather satellites and orbiting astronauts observed Hurricane Ida as it approached. Then it attacked southeastern Louisiana. Click the arrow above to view your stunning photos from space.

This photo shows the full picture of Hurricane Ida on August 28, 2021, when it was still a Category 2 storm. An astronaut on the International Space Station took this photo. This photo of Hurricane Ida was also taken on August 28th because it was a Category 2 storm.
From this perspective, you can see the astronaut’s view of Ada from the window of the International Space Station. From this vantage point, the storm almost filled the entire portal. This NOAA satellite view shows Hurricane Ida, which hit the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday, August 28, 2021.

At this time, the Ada was still gaining strength as it approached southeastern Louisiana. On the right side you can see the huge Florida peninsula, and on the left you can see the storm on the east coast of Mexico. At the bottom of
is part of the golden fan-shaped solar panels of the Northrop Grumman Cygnus cargo ship docked at the space station. At the top, part of the Dextre arm attachment at the outpost.

This photo of Hurricane Ida was taken by NASA astronaut Megan MacArthur on August 28, 2021. The angle he shared is slightly different from the angle seen on Twitter (NASA because of the emergence of the earth) Turn it over at the bottom).

“Hurricane Ida came from the space station before noon on CDT today,” MacArthur wrote on Twitter, sharing photos he saw from orbit. “If you are/always on his way, I am thinking of you, and I hope you are safe.”
From NASA: “Hurricane Ida is described as a Category 2 storm from the International Space Station, while operating 263 over the Gulf of Mexico Miles.

In the upper left corner is the Nauka multi-purpose laboratory module module connected to the Zvezda service earth-facing port. ”
This picture was taken on August 28, 2021.

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