NASA has appointed Kayla Barron as the mission expert for the agency’s International Space Station SpaceX Crew3 mission, with the goal of launching it on October 23.
This will be Barron’s first space flight. NASA astronauts will become astronauts in January 2020 after completing two years of training. He will join NASA astronauts Raja Chari and Tom Marshburn as mission commander and pilot respectively, and ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Matthias Maurer, who will also serve as a mission expert.
This will be the third crew rotation mission of SpaceX’s manned space transportation system and its fourth flight with astronauts, including the Demo2 test flight, which will go to the space station through NASA’s commercial crew program.
Barron was born in Pocatello, Idaho, but considers Richland, Washington his hometown. He received a bachelor’s degree in systems engineering from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland in 2010. He received a master’s degree in nuclear engineering from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom in 2011 as a Gates Cambridge Scholar. Lieutenant General. Barron was qualified as a submarine warfare officer and was deployed 3 times during his service on the USS Maine. When she was selected as an astronaut candidate in 2017, she was serving as a banner assistant to the dean of the U.S. Naval Academy.
NASA previously assigned Chari, Marshburn, and Maurer on missions in December 2020. This will be Chari and Maurer’s first space flight. This will be Marshburn’s third space flight. He served as a crew member of the space shuttle STS127 mission in 2009 and ended his expedition on the space station in 2013. 34/35.
When Barron arrives, Chari, Marshburn, and Maurer will be members of the expedition for a six-month scientific mission in the orbital laboratory. The crew will overlap slightly with the Crew2 astronaut who arrived on April 24. This will be the second time commercial crew missions have overlapped on the space station. Crew 1 astronauts ended their mission by splashing off the coast of Panama City, Florida on Sunday, May 2. They boarded the space station together with Crew 2 astronauts for a 7-day direct crew transfer . Increasing the total number of astronauts on the space station allows the agency to increase the number of scientific investigations conducted in a unique microgravity environment.

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