Space Perspective will compete with other space travel companies for customers, primarily Virgin Galactic’s Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos. Both companies have built suborbital spacecraft with a much higher passenger capacity than the Neptune spacecraft, but a much shorter flight time. For example, taking Blue Origin’s New Shepard plane takes just 11 minutes from takeoff to landing.
prices may also vary slightly. For example, Virgin Galactic recently announced the price of a six-person, two-person VSS Unity space plane at $ 250,000.Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link LinkĀ 

Blue Origin has yet to announce the fee. The company just auctioned the seats for its first manned space flight for $ 28 million, which is scheduled to take off on July 20. But this is a very high price, someone has paid a lot to become part of history and go through Bezos, who will also be on the plane.
Like Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic’s goal is to provide customers with flight services as quickly as possible. VSS Unity made its third test flight in suborbital space last month. Virgin Galactic representatives stated that the company’s goal is to complete the aircraft’s flight test activities this summer or early fall.
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Mike Wall
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