On January 13, 2021, at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, General David Thompson, General of the U.S. Space Force and Deputy Director of Space Operations, talks with representatives during the Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Leadership Series with the Old Crow Association (Brittany A. Chase / DoD) . )
July 2, 2021
Military.com | Author: Oriana Pawlyk
The Star Warrior is here.

The US Space Force announced on Wednesday that it has selected the first batch of soldiers, sailors, and marines for permanent transfer to the 6th Military Department as part of a greater effort to focus space operations and related missions in the initial service. Space Force
stated in a press release that 50 active duty volunteers will join its ranks this month.

The press release indicated that earlier this year, more than 3,700 officials and enlisted members of these services applied to become tutors.
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, “said General David” DT “Thompson, deputy director of space operations.
” We are very pleased to have these services. Guardians joined more than 5,200 Air Force transfers and we hope that as we continue to build the Space Force, they will bring new experiences, perspectives and cultures, “he said in a press release.

The first 50 members of the will be a test of the transfer of members of the Space Army to other services, and will be a test bed of how each unit adapts to its skill set. According to the list that can be found here, 40 are from the Army, 7 from the Navy and 3 from the Marine Corps. Selection criteria were not disclosed.

Then, “about 350 more will be selected for transfer in July,” the press release said. “Each will be assigned to specific space force professional space operations, intelligence, cyber, engineering and procurement positions; previously applied members do not need to take any action before they can be considered in the next selection committee.”
These options will be included in the selection. It will be announced in the coming months, paving the way for a larger batch of transitions to begin in fiscal 2022.

A new military department was created in December 2019 in the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2020. This change temporarily transferred approximately 16,000 active and civilian personnel from what was previously known as the Force Space Command. Air to the Space Force.
For the past year, the new service has been working to find suitable personnel from the air force and other services to become members of the space force.

The service for the first time transferred pilots engaged in “organic” space occupations (such as space operations and space system operations) to the space force. Space Force
said last year that it was scheduled to transfer 2,400 members; Additionally, 86 US Air Force Academy graduates will serve directly in 2020; about 100 more have done so this year.

The service also selected 3,600 members to participate in common professional work suitable for the Air Force and Space Forces, including personnel in the fields of intelligence, networking, procurement and engineering. They started moving in February. Spokesperson Lynn Kirby previously told Military.com that the transfer of 4,444 cross-service members is dependent on the findings of the promotion committee and other professional processes. Space Force
expects to grow to approximately 6,400 members by the end of 2021, including approximately 300 recruits. In its budget proposal for fiscal year 2022, the Space Force plans to increase to approximately 8,400 employees next year, an increase of nearly 31%.

The latest 50-person transfer is independent work by the Pentagon to determine which space missions and other military units will fully reorganize into space forces in fiscal years 22 and 23. You can reach
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