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As a lifestyle writer and interior design lover, I think the bed should be both stylish and comfortable. But as a millennial with a limited budget, I have been thinking about buying stylish bed frames while keeping affordability in mind, which is why Amazon is one of my favorite destinations for buying affordable furniture. I bought carpets, home desks, cushions and blankets at incredible prices.

Fortunately, when I was looking for a new bed frame, I was also lucky, and it turned out to be so successful that I couldn’t stop telling everyone I know.
The cheapest bed frame on Amazon: Allewie Queen Modern Platform Bed Frame
. The price of an upholstered bed like this ranges from $300 to $1,600, but this fashionable choice from Amazon is... [+] SAVANNAH WEST The old
Mi bed has a black wooden frame with a headboard and footrests, making it look like a heavy sleigh. It is a set with a dressing table and two bedside tables for a total of $500. At first glance, the TV looked like a robbery, but the bed was uncomfortable, started to break, and eventually broke in less than two years of use.

So when I decided to redecorate my bedroom this time, I wanted something light, elegant and comfortable. But after a few days of searching for a queen-size bed frame, I began to think, “I wish I could find something as cute and comfortable as my grey sofa.” At that moment I realized: I need an upholstered bed! A quick search for “grey queen-size bed frame” on Amazon, I found the bed frame I dream of: Allewie Queen Modern Platform Bed Frame. the best? It costs less than $200.

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modern platform bed frame Allewie Queen
$ 185
$ 195
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My favorite bed frame, and more than 1,700 happy Amazon shoppers, has a modern platform with a wing-shaped headboard and is decorated with soft light gray fabric. (It also has dark gray, burnt orange, light yellow, and very stylish malachite green.) After reading the enthusiastic reviews, I immediately clicked the checkbox. Fast forward a week, the bed frame is packed in a large and heavy box, and two people are taken up the stairs to my room.

This is where things get tricky-the bed frame is delivered with at least 50 wooden slats, screws and metal bars. Contrary to the product description, which is estimated to take 30 minutes to set up, this bed took me and my boyfriend nearly two hours to assemble. It comes with useful line drawings of the parts, but not actual photos. Therefore, some steps are more difficult to determine because we don’t know which end should go where.

But is all this effort worth it? I’ll let this reviewer say, “After I’m done, I’m overwhelmed by the whole package. It’s great value for money and looks great.” Another buyer exclaimed, “Buy this bed!” He added that “These photos are not fair.” To be honest, I agree 100%. This bed frame has completely changed the look of my bedroom and I am very happy with it.

The design of this bed makes it very resistant and comfortable. The headboard is filled and decorated with soft materials to support the head or back very comfortably. To make it super strong, there are two sets of metal legs on each side, on the foot and in the middle. The fins of the headboard descend to the ground, forming legs about six inches wide. I have slept in this frame for six months, and I still haven’t heard any squeaks or squeaks. The bed frame also has a platform high enough to require only a mattress, so there is no need for the spring mattresses that usually end up dazzling.

According to manufacturer Allewie, this bed frame has a load-bearing capacity of 800 pounds. There are two adults and two dogs on the 15.75-inch padded top cushion, so don’t worry about the frame not being able to support it. The height of the frame is perfect for the 10-pound Pomeranian I hide under the bed, and the material is strong enough for the 60-pound Golden Retriever I like to roll and play on the bed.

The light gray material is very modern and can match almost any design style perfectly. What really makes the frame look luxurious is the shape of the headboard. This modern shape gives your room the look you would like to see in high-end boutique hotels. After doing some research, I found that the price of upholstered beds like this ranged from $ 300 to $ 1,600. It seems cool and amazing to be able to find such a stylish and sturdy frame for under $ 200, but you should definitely believe the hype.

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