Space Jam: A New Legacy fell 77% on Friday, and Black Widow did not rebound in the third week like “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp.
On the postponement news, Black Widow’s revenue on the third Friday was US $ 3.5 million (56%), bringing its 15day household revenue to US $ 147 million. Today it will exceed US $ 150 million domestically and earn approximately US $ 11 million (57%) on 17-day revenue of US $ 154 million. In fact, this is a bigger drop than “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (62% on the third weekend and 62% on the second weekend) and Ant-Man and the Wasp (43% / 62%). Both are in this It opened on the weekend, the opening hours were relatively early (about 2.3 times the total revenue on Friday), and then the decline of the MCU movies on the second weekend was recorded. Both movies shot after the second weekend and stood out for the rest of the summer. The black widow did not do this at all. Despite all relevant circumstances, Black Widow is worse than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two.
The box office revenue of this famous large-scale film during its premiere weekend was 1.88 times the record of $169 million, with a decline of 72% in the second weekend and 53% in the third weekend. The opening price of Black Widow was US$80 million, and it fell 68% in the second weekend. Now it may fall 57% in the third weekend, and the multiplier will reach 1,925 times. If this situation continues, then the MCU prequel led by Scarlett Johansson will end with a domestic box office of approximately $185 million. Considering AntMan (US$181 million in 2015), Thor (US$181 million in 2011), and Captain America (US$176 million in 2011), this is disappointing, but not disastrous. What’s more problematic is the loss of revenue in the post-theatre revenue chain due to the Disney+ factor, and the future of movies in China is still uncertain.
will still be launched in China after the power outage period, but piracy may curb products with a total value of 125 million and 155 million U.S. dollars. Without China, the global drama revenue of “Black Widow” might not reach 400 million U.S. dollars. It is likely to still be the main source of income in the summer. If the availability of Disney + Premier Access” is indeed a temporary fix to the temporary problem, posting Black Widow now is removing it from the archive, to make it like Spider-Man: Far from Home, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and Thor : Love and Thunder can be strengthened. Black Widow will never turn into a huge Thor 3. He ended up being closer to Thor than Thor 2 as a result of a single situation.
LeBron James and Bugs Bunny in “Space Slam Dunk: New Legacy
LeBron James and Bugs Bunny in “Space Jam: New Legacy” provided by Warner Bros. Picture
At the same time, the NATO attack on the Black Widow and People argued that the prequel starring a dead character underperformed slightly to show that superhero fatigue has finally arrived. This is Warner Bros. The New Legacy provides a nice distraction. Yes, the $ 31 million opening weekend was better than expected, but we’re still talking about a $ 150 million movie, the prospects abroad are uncertain and there’s almost no chance of hitting $ 100. million in China. Now, LeBron James / Bugs Bunny movie revenue on the second Friday is just $ 3.075 million (77%), the second weekend’s box office revenue can reach $ 8.8 million (72%) and the box office revenue can reach 5090. in the 10th Ten thousand US dollars. This is terrible, no matter how you look at it, it’s one of the top ten worst drops in a $ 30 million + premiere, and the fourth biggest drop for a non-horror movie of this size.
F9 continues to advance as the undisputed blockbuster of the summer. The ninth “Fast and the Furious” (or the 10th including Hobbes and Shaw) on the fifth Friday garnered a weekend box office of $ 4.46 million (42%) and a 31-day national box office revenue of 163, $ 16 million from $ 1.33 million. (41%). No matter what happens, it should eventually be slightly higher or lower than Hobbs & Shaw’s $173 million, while becoming the sequel to Fast Saga with the longest leg since 2006 “Tokyo Drift” ($63 million / $24 million). Earlier this week he surpassed $600 million. We will see how he performs in the new market. He is fighting for $700 million. Of course, this is much lower than the US$1.23 billion of Fate of Wrath, but Universal Pictures this time regards Hobbes and Shaw (US$760 million) as the upper limit.
Sony’s Chamber of Secrets: The second weekend of the Championship will drop by 65% ​​tragically, to $3.06 million on the weekend and $15.8 million in ten days. Boss baby: The family business will earn US$2.57 million (46%) at a price of US$50 million in the fourth week, which is roughly the revenue from the first movie released in 2017. Forever Purge will earn $ 2.35 million (43%) in box office revenue in the fourth weekend, even if it landed on PVOD with a 24-day box office of $ 40.38 million. Considering the soft start of $ 12 million, this will be closer to The Purge ($ 64 million in 2013, $ 34 million in 2013) than I dared hope. Interestingly, this is the longest chapter to date. The second installment of “A Quiet Place” lost 628 theaters at the end of the ninth week, with 1,367 theaters revenue of US $ 157.3 million and domestic box office revenues of approximately US $ 1.09 million (51%).

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