On CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight show on Friday night, host Don Lemon expressed his disappointment toward Americans who continue to refuse the Covid19 vaccine, despite the rise in infections and hospitalizations due to Delta mutations. “How many people must die? Lemmon asked. “If the behavior is stupid and absurd, I think you should tell people that their behavior is stupid and absurd.”
Lemon went on to say why so many adults “believe.” Internet instead of science and experts? Why do you think Donald Trump lied more than telling the truth any day of the week? ”
People are ... [+] AFP through Gai Tie Pictures
received Johnson & Johnson’s Covid19 to verify the vaccine, but then contracted Covid and said this is terrible. “Ganeene Starling was very ill and was hospitalized for 9 days, 6 of which were in the intensive care unit. Now she urges anyone who has doubts or reservations about vaccination: “Just vaccination is stupid … I think it’s stupid that I was not vaccinated ... .can save my family from that. Lots of headaches. ”
On CNN Cooper 360’s Anderson, reporter Randi Kaye said Starling plans to get vaccinated as soon as she recovers – all members of her family will also be vaccinated.

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