The Hong Kong police told the public that since the Department of Homeland Security has accepted the case, mourning the man who stabbed a policeman last week “is no different from supporting terrorism.
On Thursday night, a police officer was stabbed in the back by a 50-year-old man in Causeway Bay. The police said the man committed suicide. According to local media reports, the 28-year-old policeman suffered a puncture in his lung during the attack. He is still receiving treatment in the hospital and is in critical condition.
Xiao Feng, Commissioner of Police.
Hong Kong needs legislation to resolve “hostility towards the police”, the new chief of police said
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The authorities called the attacker Liang Jianhui and called him a “lone wolf” domestic terrorist. He has been politically radicalized , And accused those who “incited hatred” against China. The incident occurred on the anniversary of Hong Kong’s transition from British rule to Chinese rule. Thousands of police officers were deployed to prevent protests in this heavily divided city.
This is also the first full anniversary of the National Security Act, which broadly prohibits secession, sedition, foreign collusion, and terrorist crimes. The law has been described as harsh and authoritarian, and the authorities are accused of using it to suppress the opposition after large-scale democratic protests in 2019.
On Saturday, some Hong Kong people tried to pay tribute to Liang at the scene. Attack and online. The police accused them of “trying to beautify, romanticize, heroic, and even rationalize the blatant violence of the attackers,” and hinted that such behavior may violate national security laws.
“Advocating the public to cry for the attackers is no different from supporting terrorism,” the police said in a statement. “It will incite more hatred, divide society, and ultimately disrupt social order, endanger public safety, and threaten everyone in Hong Kong.
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Louisa Lim
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City Security Bureau chief and former police chief Chris Tang said on Friday that a search in Liang’s home found material displayed on his computer that he had been “radicalized”, but did not elaborate.
“This incident will not only hold the aggressor accountable, but also those who are accustomed to preaching violence, inciting hatred of the country, beautifying these attacks, these acts of violence,” Tang said.
Police Chief Raymond Siu said on Sunday that the Department of Homeland Security is investigating the attack and whether anyone else was involved, and does not rule out the possibility of further arrests.
A 20-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man were arrested Sunday on suspicion of inciting violence against police online. It is unclear whether the police considered the case relevant. During the weekend of
, the attacker’s employer, Vitasoy, posted an internal memo on the Internet, recognizing Liang as an employee and expressing his condolences to his family, who were met with strong opposition. The company’s public statement supports the police investigation and the stability of Hong Kong and China.
Vitasoy issued an apology on Saturday after the boycott threats in China and the termination of cooperation with the company by some Chinese celebrities, stating that the memo was written by an unapproved employee and was “highly inappropriate.”

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