Colleges, books, and mobile apps help affiliate distributors succeed in business
Chattanooga, Tennessee, July 30, 2021 / Affiliates Academy, a system designed to grow companies and organizations, launched A new training platform, books and mobile apps for the deepest system with the power and speed of the digital revolution. The system combines the power of numbers with an old-fashioned foundation that can stand the test of time.

Training Academy was founded by the father and son team of Chris and Dale McNelly. It provides more than 14 hours of training videos, the book “Close the Revolving Door of Online Marketing Business”, more than 30 interactive pdf live broadcasts and workbooks. Participants can also get on-site guidance, one-on-one guidance, quarterly planning, podcasts on all major platforms, iOS/Android business tracking applications, corporate licensing and consulting opportunities.

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The two lifted the curtain of industry secrets, handed them into the hands of companies and individuals, and developed any business at the speed of light. Through more than 10,000 hours of actual, hands-on training and personal contact, the university also teaches how to maintain team unity and generate passive income and traditional organizations.
After 30 years in Internet marketing, Dale McNelly decided to write “Close the revolving door of Internet marketing.” In the book, he delves behind the scenes and tells the original details and inside secrets of an industry full of negative opinions, corrupt companies, and MLM labels. McNellys and the production team filmed and produced Nexus Affiliates Academy at Dumpster Fire Studios in Chattanooga, Tennessee to take their knowledge to the next level.

“This book and the academy really enable readers and learners to take actionable steps toward success, not just endorsement and positive affirmation,” said Dale McNellie. “This training platform is the only platform in the industry that can compete with Eric Worre’s ‘Go Pro’.” The
Academy includes a QI assessment, allowing users to track the progress of each prospect, from listing their name to invitations and interviews. Follow up and finally get them going. The Pure Taproot system is a real-time checklist of all important steps in the training of individual dealers, and displays your location, completed work, and work yet to be completed so that each dealer can get the best training.

The Nexus Affiliate Academy system helps develop team members by providing direct insight into who stands out in the team with consistent habits and activities, so that time can be spent on the right people. It helps to develop leaders and track the four most important business areas to determine future stability and development. The
Nexus Affiliates Academy team worked with Lightspeed VT and Brad Lea to create the most immersive and interactive training platform in the industry. The ultimate goal is to ensure that distributors get the success they want, build trust in new distributors, and realize that this is a business and must be established like a business.
In addition to this book and academy, Nexus Affiliates Academy has also launched mobile applications that can be used on iTunes and Android, as well as podcasts that can be used on iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon, iHeart Radio, etc. They also initiated social media activities, coaching and affiliate programs.

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