This summer, NBC focused on women at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. On Her Turf is NBC’s first ever Olympic program, specializing in women’s sports at the Olympics. Hosts for this innovative online show are host Lindsay Czarniak, track and field athlete and bobsled athlete Lolo Jones, and NFL online reporter MJ AcostaRuiz. The trio will record the show at the NBC Sports studio in Stamford, Connecticut, releasing it around 7 p.m. every night.
Czarniak is an Emmy Award-winning sportscaster, known for hosting the ESPN Sports Center and her work as a NASCAR studio host and NFL reporter for FOX Sports. This will be the third time he has participated in the Olympics, reporting for NBC on the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy and the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Czarniak is excited about this new opportunity, with a special emphasis on women in the Olympics.
“Putting on a show focused on female athletes is very meaningful to me and it’s also a good opportunity, because I think women’s sport is ushering in a moment,” she said. “Women are not afraid to speak, it is too important. It is great to have a platform and a plan based on that.” NBC’s
Olympic coverage is traditionally a storytelling masterclass because it goes beyond medal-winning performances and captures with a riveting human interest story, even the humblest athlete can evoke emotions. We’re looking forward to some of the On Her Turf features, as well as game highlights and group discussions. And there is no shortage of materials for extracting content. The US Women’s Basketball Team is trying to win the gold medal for the seventh time in a row, which will make Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi the first male and female basketball players to win five Olympic gold medals. Alison Felix may break or tie Carl Lewis’s record for the highest number of medals for male and female American track and field athletes. The American women’s football team hopes to become the first women’s football team to win the Olympic gold medal after winning the World Cup.
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but there are some controversies . Gymnast Simone Biles became the first woman to perform Yurchenko’s double spear in competition earlier this year, but she received a low score, which many people thought could be to prevent other gymnasts from attempting dangerous moves. Will you get the right points at the Olympics? Gwen Berry, the hammer thrower, also bluntly defied IOC rules restricting Olympic protests. Czarniak stated that the show will not shy away from these discussions.
“When you talk about these issues, you want to be balanced, you want to be smart and fair,” Czarniak said. “And I think Lolo will bring a perspective. She will bring her real side. I would love to hear the opinions of other people in Tokyo, the opinions of reporters and athletes.” So we plan to dig deeper, As long as we are fair and respectful, I think there is no limit to how far we can go.
On Her Turf is part of NBCUniversal’s overall plan, which revolves around a 7,000-hour program of the Olympic Games. This summer’s Tokyo Olympics: Although female athletes account for 40% of all sports participants, normally they only get 4% of sports media coverage. Over the years, NBC has been committed to achieving tangible changes in fair gender representation in Olympic reporting. In the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, the coverage of men was close to 2:1. This gap narrowed significantly in 2014, when coverage was evenly distributed. The Summer Olympics showed greater equality than men who initially received about 5% of airtime. But at the 2012 London Summer Olympics, the situation changed. Women won 56.3% of the medals in the United States and surpassed men in airtime.
American women are expected to have another wonderful performance. Czarniak and the staff are eager to serve the brand’s loyal fan base. They are looking for stories and examples of powerful athletes.
“You just want to make sure that when you have the opportunity to have such a platform to speak out about these things, you are doing justice and representing those who are bold, open and make sure to cover all aspects,” Czarniak said. He added: “I know we will do this, and we will find a good way to do it.” Starting at 7pm on July 24,
Stream On Her Turf will stream for free on Peacock. Monday through Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm ET.

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