A recovered Falcon rocket flew from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center into the sky before dawn. After lifting the Dragon capsule, the first stage thruster landed vertically on SpaceX’s latest ocean platform, called “Insufficient Gravity.” SpaceX founder Elon Musk continued his tradition of naming the booster recovery ship to pay tribute to the late sci-fi writer Ian Banks and his cultural series.

The Dragon was carrying more than 4,800 pounds (2,170 kilograms) of experimental supplies and products for the seven astronauts on the space station, as well as fresh foods like avocados, lemons, and even ice cream.
NASA suspends SpaceX work on the lunar lander following suit by Blue Origin flowering weed for genetic research. The samples of concrete, solar cells and other materials will also be in a state of weightlessness.
At the same time, an experimental robotic arm from a Japanese startup will try to screw objects together when its orbit debuts and perform other daily tasks that astronauts typically perform. The first test will take place inside the space station. CTO Toyotaka Kozuki said the future Gitai robot model will venture into the vacuum of space to practice satellites and other maintenance tasks.

As early as 2025, a team of these weapons could help build a lunar base and extract precious resources on the moon, he added.
Blue Origin sued NASA over SpaceX’s lunar contract
Due to the delay caused by COVID19, SpaceX had to abandon some experiments.
This is the second launch attempt; Saturday’s attempt was thwarted by a storm. After the
space shuttle program ended in 2011, NASA turned to SpaceX and other American companies to deliver cargo and crew to the space station.

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