Texas and Oklahoma are just days away from pulling out of Major League 12 and joining the US Securities and Exchange Commission. This may create the first of four long-awaited “super conferences” expected to turn into one. of the main sporting universities event. With the Big 12’s “media rights grant” expiring in 2024-2025, it’s obviously too early to start thinking about the next step after four years.
The Texas State Assembly weighed in on the fast-growing legend and, as of Friday, they had signed more than 30 co-sponsors. Representative Dustin Burrows announced House Bill 289, which requires that “legislative approval be obtained before a public college or university changes the membership of a college athletic conference.”
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Burrows added: “Texas praises some of the best colleges and sports programs in the United States. Their impact goes far beyond their strengths in the classroom, outstanding performance in research, and outstanding performance in the field. They play an important role in economic development, tourism and the general prominence of their respective regions. The decision to switch to other sports meetings will affect the timeliness and stability of our statewide public universities, and should be fully reviewed in the most transparent and comprehensive manner. This is why I am drafting a bill with my Speaker of the House, Senator Birdwell and Kirkhorst, which requires legislative approval before the agency can take such actions. The great Texas exceptionalism should not fall into the hands of a few people, but a responsibility that everyone should share.
The bill cannot make progress in the House of Representatives until the Texas Democrats return from Washington, DC. Legislators are divided on voting rights and threatened to leave the state within the full 30 days of the special session.
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. This decision is not only critical to UT—it was also affected by Texas A&M University, which joined the US Securities and Exchange Commission a few years ago. A&M is proud to be the only SEC school in Texas and is unlikely to support state competitors to join the conference. Although the bill is still in its early stages, it is a crossover opportunity for a large number of other viewers who have a strong football program, who believe that they are the only person who can control their own destiny.
Ten years ago, a university conference focused on the demographics of cable television: Where are the majority of households located to promote cable subscriptions? Usually in metropolitan areas, this undoubtedly prompted the top ten giants to join Rutgers University (New Jersey/New York market) and Maryland (District of Columbia/Maryland/Virginia) markets, creating the top ten giants. However, the profit in the next round of negotiations is much higher because the finances and platforms have changed.
Look at the recent NFL media copyright transactions, valued at more than $ 113 billion between 2023 and 2033. Extending to five independent networks, plus Amazon AMZN + 0.5%, this is a good window into what the proposed superconferencing can do financially over the next decade. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission emerged from the pandemic and became a conference in charge of its own destiny. Along with the top ten giants, he is widely regarded as one of the best in terms of revenue and championships. This financial gap between
Big 12 and the SEC will only grow, and Texas lawmakers are heeding it wisely. Since the Supreme Court allows schools to provide unlimited educational benefits to FBS men and women football and basketball players, finding the cash to pay for these allowances will be a major challenge. Currently, there are four Texas schools in Big 12: Texas, Texas Tech, TCU, and Baylor. Where should Texas go, and where is the financial growth of the remaining schools?
Although this moment quietly entered most college sports fans (and was buried at the beginning of the Tokyo Olympics this week), it was a crucial moment for college sports. 16 teams have always been considered the “magic numbers” of a large football conference-8 teams performed very well in two divisions. But what this move means for other Power 5 teams in Texas is equally important, because your next media deal depends on the audience these teams attract. Losing a high-profile project like Texas could put enormous financial pressure on the remaining teams.

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