The United States did not win a medal on the first day of the Olympics. This was the first time since the 1972 Summer Olympics. China won three gold medals and the host Japan won one gold and one silver medal.
American fencer Eli Dershowitz ranked second in the world in the men’s saber event, but did not win a medal. AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES
Key facts
According to Olympic historian Bill Mullen, the last summer Olympics where the United States ran out of medals on the first day was 1972 Munich.
According to the Associated Press’s forecast, the United States is expected to win medals in fencing, air rifle, and archery.
Chinese player Yang Qian won the first gold medal in the air rifle; American Mary Tucker has been one of the favorites to win the championship, but ultimately ranked sixth. At the end of the first day of
, the Chinese team topped the medal list with three golds and one bronze, followed by the South Korean team with two bronzes and one gold.
Key Background
Oddsmakers still prefer that the United States take home the most gold medals before the end of the Olympics on August 8 (the average probability of winning is just under 90%) and China ranks second.
What to see
US Olympians won bronze and silver medal favorites in six events Sunday: Women’s Foil Fencing (Bronze), Men’s 10m Air Rifle Shooting (Silver), Skating men’s street map (bronze) AND a series of swimming events, including men’s and women’s individual 400m medley (silver and bronze) and women’s freestyle 4x100m relays (silver).
The great number
339. According to CBS Sports, this is the total number of medals for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.
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